Breaking Down Gender Stereotypes

In a society that has recently turned the clock back 50 plus years with its newest elected President, it’s important that women take a stand against gender norms. Luckily, Loyola University Chicago has a club on campus that encourages women to do just that. The Women’s Project is an activist and academic club that fights to redefine

Self-Love: The Newest Revolution

With so many outside sources telling you that your body ‘isn’t up to par,’ where do you turn for realistic encouragement? One group at Loyola University Chicago, the Body Image and Eating Disorder Awareness (BIEDA) group, has made it their mission to create a positive impact on campus by encouraging women to radically love their bodies. Run Your

One Woman’s Vote to Make America Great Again

At last, we are nearing the finish line of what seems like a never ending soap-opera of an election season. And it’s no secret, there are a lot of women who strongly oppose Donald Trump becoming the next President of The United States. Because of this historical (and controversial) election, Run Your World set out to

Woman Crush Wednesday: Lexie Peck

Run Your World would like to introduce our first ever woman crush Wednesday, Lexie Peck! Lexie is currently a junior at Loyola University Chicago studying Marketing. She knows that when she is facing a tough week, confidence is key to dominating her work load. Lexie is our woman crush this week because she’s the kind of woman that