Woman Crush Wednesday: Lexie Peck

Run Your World would like to introduce our first ever woman crush Wednesday, Lexie Peck! Lexie is currently a junior at Loyola University Chicago studying Marketing. She knows that when she is facing a tough week, confidence is key to dominating her work load.

Lexie is our woman crush this week because she’s the kind of woman that always has a million different tasks pulling her in a million different directions, yet she always gives 100% in every task she tackles. She knows that, “a girl’s best accessory is her smile and her confidence is contagious.” “I channel my confidence through my attitude. I know that I am able to succeed at anything I put my mind to. So no matter how many tasks I am facing throughout my week, I know that as long as I believe in myself I can accomplish anything.”  

Lexie maintains her strong confidence because she has accomplished things she never thought she would. During her years at Loyola she has won numerous academic awards and maintained higher grades than she ever thought possible. She knows that she is capable of great things in the future. She has been working and maintaining above a 3.6 GPA since her freshman year at Loyola and has not had a chance to take much a of break since. 

When Lexie finds herself with a second to breath, she likes to head to the gym in order to clear her head. Or, for an extra boost to her confidence, she takes the time to shop on Michigan Avenue. She believes that, “a strong and trendy outfit can lead to a strong and confident self.” Her accessorizing boosts her self-esteem and reminds her that she can conquer anything! Lexie lives by the philosophy that, “every day is a new outfit, don’t waste it.”  

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6 thoughts on “Woman Crush Wednesday: Lexie Peck

  1. Thanks Maddie! If you have someone in mind for a WCW tweet us on twitter! Take a look at our other WCW too!

  2. I’m a marketing major too! It can be hard work but it’s good to see other women achieving their dreams. You go Lexie!

  3. Thanks Rachel for the kind words about Lexie! Run Your World loved learning all about major and all she has achieved. Feel free to share with us a woman that inspires you @RunYourWorldLUC

  4. Love this picture of her! She looks like quite the strong independent woman. Not to mention it was an inspiring post!

  5. Thanks Destiny! We are happy to feature a strong, confident woman! Take a look at our other WCW and share your thoughts @RunYourWorldLUC

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