Here’s Why Your Not Seeing Results From That Newest Dieting Craze

As college students, we all have a lot of priorities to worry about, school work, relationships, jobs, so most of the time exercise gets pushed to the bottom of our “To-Do” lists. So, when skipping the gym happens every week, it may seem that turning to a fad diet is the quickest and easiest healthy

Toning Confidence, One Fitness Class at a Time

Have you ever wanted to experiment in the weight room, but ended up leaving because you felt too intimidated by all the men lurking around? The gym tends to be a male dominated space where women can feel uncomfortable in their fitness abilities, a fitness class is a great way to empower other women while

3 Ways to Not Feel Guilty About Your Morning Coffee Fix

With a coffee shop on practically every corner in Chicago, it’s hard to resist the iconic green mermaid. However, all those sweet drinks can lead to some unwanted weight gain. The good news is there are some easy solutions out there to help you keep your drink under 200 calories. You can make any drink