One Woman’s Vote to Make America Great Again

At last, we are nearing the finish line of what seems like a never ending soap-opera of an election season. And it’s no secret, there are a lot of women who strongly oppose Donald Trump becoming the next President of The United States. Because of this historical (and controversial) election, Run Your World set out to find women who fully support the Republican nominee. Although it wasn’t easy, we were able to speak with one female voter (who wished to remain anonymous) who is in full support of Trump’s candidacy. Here is what she had to say:

“While I would love to take part in bringing the first woman to presidency, I won’t be doing so this election. It isn’t that I don’t see his faults, because I do, but his mistakes are nothing compared to Hillary’s.

Hillary has some great background when it comes to politics, but the bottom line is that she deleted government emails, and that makes me distrust her. That is a felony and anyone else would have been prosecuted. On top of that, looking at how her husband ran his presidency doesn’t really make me want to vote for her either.

Trump was the first person out there when natural disasters hit this summer. He even made it before Obama. Obama’s administration and regulations hurt industries such as coal and has destroyed the rural middle class due to trade deals that moved low-cost manufacturing overseas. Over the years, these people have been hurt economically and Trump is the first person to address their needs. Additionally, Obamacare has hurt more than it has helped, and Hillary has no plan to overturn it. 

Trump believes in a strong military presence in the Middle East and believes America needs defeat ISIS. From what I know, Hillary hasn’t even mentioned the threat of ISIS. Trump will make more jobs while Hillary wants to raise the minimum wage, make more government programming to help the poor by taxing the rich, and therefore causing people to be dependent and unable to do things themselves to the point that the number of homeless people on the street will stretch for an endless amount of city blocks.

I know that Trump has made comments that are blatantly rude in regards to women, but I know as a woman, he is wrong, so it tends to be blocked out of my mind. To me, his comments about a woman’s figure don’t really reflect what he can do for America.  Trump has many faults and I admit that, but so does Hillary. Most people aren’t FOR Trump, but they are mostly against Clinton. Therefore, many, like myself, are able to ignore the small comments he says and still vote for him.

I am for Trump because out of the two, I think he is the best choice. I am a woman for Trump because even I, with his mistakes, think he can do more for America. I believe when he says ‘Make America Great Again’ he really means it. Besides, if he didn’t mean it he would admit it; he is Donald Trump.”

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18 thoughts on “One Woman’s Vote to Make America Great Again

  1. – Obama care made it so people who originally were refused insurance coverage by insurance companies for having high risk and high cost medical conditions, now can have coverage regardless of their medical needs.
    – Hillary wants to raise the minimum wage to an actual wage that people can live off.
    – Taxing the rich has the purpose of releasing economical pressures from the middle class and lower class, not so people will become dependent on the government.
    Hillary, and no woman for that matter, should be responsible for the poor decisions made by a man. What Bill Clinton did during his presidency has nothing to do with Hillary’s.

  2. Thanks for your feedback Nicole! We appreciate your opinion and would love to hear more that you have to say! Feel free to tweet us your thoughts on the election at @RunYourWorldLUC

  3. Hi Meghan, this is an opinion from a woman that we respect. We would love if you shared your opinion with us!

  4. Hey Liza, we think everyone’s opinion should be respected and we would love to hear yours!

  5. This is a very well written article and each of the points made are thoughtfully expressed. Most Americans are persuaded by the media, and are quick to judge. But it is clear you have given it some thought from a personal perspective and have now expressed your beliefs in a rational way. This is a difficult situation and I hope others read this article with the same open mind you have written it. Continue the great work!

  6. Julius, thank you for sharing your opinion with us! We are glad that you enjoyed the article and understand that we want everyone to come with an open mind. Run Your World wanted to create a place to respectfully discuss this topic. We respect this woman’s decisions and are glad you do too. Have a look at our other posts and let us know what you think!

  7. Liza I feel like that depends how you would define the word joke. According to Webster’s dictionary a joke is something said or done to provoke laughter. So I guess I would call this more of an opinion. But thank you so much for the thought provoking question.

  8. Very disrespectful comment! Is this issue a joke? Is expressing our beliefs a joke? I commend the author for having the courage to express her beliefs in a respectful way.

  9. Eli, Run Your World values everyone’s opinion. We are happy you take the post seriously and would love to hear your opinion on the topic.

  10. Julius, we believe that everyone has an opinion and we are willing to hear it. Run Your World is happy to have this woman share hers with us. We ask for anyone to share his or her beliefs on the topic and we thank you for taking it seriously.

  11. I agree that everyone should be able to voice an opinion and I happen to disagree with Liza asking if this is a joke. I think the post is clearly serious and we need to be respectful of that.

  12. Nicole, I’m happy you had a constructive response.
    1) Obamacare had high hopes of this but there are a multitude of reasons why this did not work. Please refer to this article:

    2) Raising the minimum wage, just like obamacare, is another thing that may sound like an ideal plan but is not economically sound.

    3) Much of Obamas policies are to help people in need by providing government support, which in turn, making them more dependent on the government.

    No women should ever be responsible for poor decisions by a man. But it is perfectly alright to be skeptical about a candidate if you disagree with her husbands decisions.

  13. Thank you Eli. The post is a serious and we thank the woman for giving her honest opinion.

  14. Thank you for your feedback Julius. Run Your World is glad to hear your opinion. Every person makes his or her own decision, yet we need to be respectful of others. Let us know more thoughts of yours on our Twitter or Facebook @RunYourWorldLUC

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