Which Powerful Woman Inspires You?

Which powerful woman inspires you on a daily basis? Run Your World has our own personal role models that we look up to, and now we want to hear about yours! We want your opinion to be heard and want to know why you look up to your role model. We created a poll via Buzzfeed Community to see who inspires our readers. To take the poll, click here.

Look up to another strong women? We want to hear your thoughts!  Share your inspiration with us on Facebook or tweet them to @RunYourWorldLUC.

5 thoughts on “Which Powerful Woman Inspires You?

  1. Such an awesome poll! Love seeing women empowering women. Although I wish Hillary was on it!

  2. There are so many women that we wanted to include but couldn’t! Hillary would have been a great addition.

  3. We love Beyonce too! She’s such a powerful and inspirational woman. So glad you enjoyed the poll, Megan!

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