Woman Crush Wednesday: Emily Barr

Run Your World would like to introduce this week’s Woman Crush Wednesday, Emily Barr. She is a junior nursing student at Loyola University Chicago. Emily inspires us with her story about her cancer battle. 

When Emily was just two years old, she was diagnosed with a Bilateral Wilms tumor, a form of kidney cancer, as well as nephroblastomatosis, an abnormal tissue growth. She had to undergo a complex and painful surgery to remove numerous tumors in each of her kidneys. Additionally, she went through intensive chemotherapy for several months until she went into remission. Emily has been in remission for 18 years and is happy to be cancer free.

Although Emily has won her battle with cancer, she still has much to conquer. In her early stages of remission, Emily had to gain back her strength and her confidence. She had to overcome the stares and whispers about her large scar on her abdomen. Confidence is something she continues to struggle with, but she has learned to be proud of her scar because it shows the battles she has overcome.

After Emily went into remission, she was granted a wish by the Make-A-Wish Foundation. Since then, she has dedicated countless hours to giving back and working with other wish kids. She even met and helped a little girl who had the same cancer as her. This little girl was lacking so much confidence and even told her that she was ashamed of her scar. Emily sat her down and talked to her about how she should be proud of it because it shows that she is a survivor. For her, “making kids smile and forgetting about their battle is enough to make my day. These trips could be their last, and to know that I was able to make them forget and feel like a kid again is so humbling.”

Life is not always pink. Emily shared some advice with Run Your World, “If you have a dream, go for it! Never let the fear of striking out get in your way.” She says that this advice is for anyone that has a fear of failing. Emily is our crush because her own struggles in the past lead her to find her passions, giving back to others through philanthropy and her career of choice; nursing.

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12 thoughts on “Woman Crush Wednesday: Emily Barr

  1. I think it is incredble how Emily took her situation and instead of letting it negatively effect the rest of her life, she made it into something special to help others. The quote “life is not always pink” is important to remember because it is something we all forget. Great read!

  2. Emily’s story is extremely inspiring! Her advice and motivation is something every girl/woman should follow!

  3. Thanks for your comment Rayli! We think her story is inspiring too! If you have a woman that inspires you please share it with us on Facebook or Twitter @RunYourWorldLUC and look at our other inspiring WCW!

  4. Totally agree Ayala! That line is something we can all relate to. Look at our other WCW to see how they are inspiring too! Tweet us quotes you liked from their posts at @RunYourWorldLUC

  5. I think it’s awesome how Emily was able to take a negative situation and turn it into something positive, and reach out other people with the same experiences. Additionally, she was able to help the little girl feel confident in her appearance and be proud of her scar.

  6. Thank you RunYourWorld for the feature, you wrote my story beautifully. I’m glad I could be a part of your blog.
    Inspiring for women. Love it!

  7. We think so too Hannah! Emily is such a great inspiration! If you know a woman that inspires you let us know @RunYourWorldLUC on Twitter or Facebook.

  8. Thank you Emily for your amazing story! Take a look at our other WCW and let us know your thoughts on Twitter and Facebook!

  9. Thanks for your comment Miranda! Take a look at our other WCW and let us know your thoughts on Twitter or Facebook @RunYourWorldLUC

  10. Thank you Sabrina! We are happy to feature a woman like Emily. Have a look at our other WCW and let us know what you think.

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