Breaking Down Gender Stereotypes

In a society that has recently turned the clock back 50 plus years with its newest elected President, it’s important that women take a stand against gender norms. Luckily, Loyola University Chicago has a club on campus that encourages women to do just that. The Women’s Project is an activist and academic club that fights to redefine society’s views of what it means to be a woman in 2016.  Run Your World recently had the opportunity to sit down with scholar member and senior Lauren Groberski.

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17 thoughts on “Breaking Down Gender Stereotypes

  1. We have a club similar to this at Purdue! I love everything it stands for and I feel like we make real change on campus

  2. I wish we had something like this on our campus! Although I feel like sororities sometimes have very similar values which is good

  3. I know! We were very excited to find a club on campus with such a great message. Feel free to follow us on twitter, @RunYourWorldLUC to continue the conversation about breaking down gender stereotypes!

  4. So happy to know that there are other clubs like this one at other Universities! What types of things do you do in the club?

  5. This is so true! Sororities often have great messages and really promote female empowerment. Feel free to share with us what you’ve done on your campus to encourage other women.

  6. Yes, we definitely agree, Conor! We have to continue to communicate, just like Lauren said! If you have any other messages to convey, feel free to tweet us @RunYourWorldLUC.

  7. Thank you, Christina! We try to cover a wide variety of topics. If you want to follow our journey in the future, feel free to give our facebook a like!

  8. We’re also very thankful to have such a strong group of women on campus! If you want to learn more about gender equality, feel free to check out the rest of our posts!

  9. I love that this exists on campus! So empowering for women in so many ways, which is much needed on a college campus where women are facing so many hardships.

  10. We’re thrilled to have found them and that they gave us some time to chat! Thanks for reading. If you want to continue the conversation about breaking down gender stereotypes, feel free to tweet us @RunYourWorldLUC

  11. Thanks Ashley! Run Your World had a great time learning about how the Women’s Project is breaking down gender stereotypes!

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