Self-Love: The Newest Revolution

With so many outside sources telling you that your body ‘isn’t up to par,’ where do you turn for realistic encouragement? One group at Loyola University Chicago, the Body Image and Eating Disorder Awareness (BIEDA) group, has made it their mission to create a positive impact on campus by encouraging women to radically love their bodies. Run Your World spoke with executive board member and sophomore, Amabelle Palomares, to see how the organization has made strides in creating awareness of body image and eating disorders.

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12 thoughts on “Self-Love: The Newest Revolution

  1. BIEDA is a great group of confident and empowered women, thanks for watching! Check out more of Run Your World’s posts on Facebook and Twitter @RunYourWorldLUC!

  2. Thanks for getting this information out to us! Its great to know that there is a group out there that is strictly in support for women!

  3. I enjoyed reading this article and thought it was really awesome that Loyola is bringing attention to self love. It’s a topic that not all schools touch that much and it’s nice to know that it is important at Loyola.

  4. We think so too Molly! Feel free to look at our other posts with more groups for women or follow us on Facebook for more updates!

  5. Thanks Liz! We love that clubs at Loyola have embraced the self-love movement and female empowerment. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter @RunYourWorldLUC for more conversation on these two great topics!

  6. Self love is so important and I love that you guys did a post on it! It should definitely be talked about more on college campuses

  7. Thanks Erin! We love it too and we hope you enjoyed our post. Check out the rest of our blog or like us on Facebook for more updates!

  8. We think so too Ashley! BIEDA has made such a positive impact at Loyola and we hope that you find an organization like this too. Check out our other posts or like us on Facebook to stay updated on more topics like this!

  9. Real women come in all shapes and sizes! I’m glad Loyola has a club that acknowledges that and promotes it

  10. We think so too Michael and we’re proud to have interviewed such a great group on campus! Follow us on Facebook or Twitter @RunYourWorldLUC for more updates and posts like this!

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