Are Crocs an endangered species? How an iconic company protects itself from poachers

Crocs and the Importance of their Intellectual Property

We all recognize the brand! Crocs has sold over 850 million pairs of their iconic shoes in over 85 different countries since 2002. Today, Crocs offers numerous models of shoes. However, the company’s success can be attributed to their original clog-style shoe named the “Classic Clog.” The Classic Clog is made from a resin-based material known as Croslite. This material allows the shoe to be durable while offering the user exceptional comfort. These features have led Crocs to market its clog design for use across a variety of applications including boating, gardening, hiking, and even hospital-use.

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Cash Rules Everything in IP

Like many other engineering graduates in the state of Michigan, I started my engineering career in the automotive industry. Lucky for me, I landed a pretty fun job in vehicle safety. The crash lab located in the space behind my office ran full speed crash tests on a daily basis. However, I spent most of my day behind a computer analyzing vehicle structures for crashworthiness.
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Why, in a World of Tough Decisions, The Decision to Attend Loyola Was an Easy One

I have always been easily overwhelmed with multiple options when making an important decision.  When deciding where to go to law school, the important decision-making process regarding my education was downright terrifying – at first. After obtaining my bachelor’s in biology at the University of Cincinnati I worked in oncology clinical research for two years. This experience provided me with the certainty that I had the desire to pursue a legal career in the field of intellectual property (“IP”). I found myself drawn toward IP. It felt like the perfect mix between science and law. IP presented me with a unique opportunity to continue to explore my interest in STEM from a different perspective. After taking the LSAT, I began my school search. Contrary to my previous difficulties with decision-making, I quickly discerned that Loyola University Chicago School of Law (“Loyola”) was the best fit for me to launch my career in IP.

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Look What You Made Me Blog

… Ready for It?

Ten Studio Albums. Five Tours. Two Re-Recordings. One Massive Fanbase. We know all too well that Taylor Swift is the pinnacle of success for the music industry. Spanning multiple genres from country to pop and even some folk(lore), Taylor Swift has accomplished a lot in her first 32 years of life. But what’s gotten her to this level of recognition?

Some say it’s her songs. Some say it’s her stage presence. Others say it’s her re-recordings. Taylor Swift says it could be her songs, “with a catchy hook and an intensely cathartic bridge section.” Call it what you want, I say her level of recognition comes from her fearless team of lawyers registering her trademarks.

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Free Patent Lawyers? It’s easier than you think!

Are you a student curious if there is a place for pro bono work in patent law? Are you a practitioner curious about how the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) has addressed accessibility to patent protection? Do you or a friend want to file a patent for an invention but can’t afford a patent attorney?  If so, this blog is for you! Continue reading “Free Patent Lawyers? It’s easier than you think!”

Kim Kardashian’s Latest Line Is Causing Trademark Trouble

Everyone knows her. Some dislike her. Ultimately, she’s one of the wealthiest women in the world. She has her hands in everything from entertainment, to clothing, to gaming. She is even currently studying to be a lawyer. Kim Kardashian seems like she may have it all, but her latest business venture may not be what she was hoping for.

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The Sound of Science: Musicians Who Were Also Inventors

When people think about musicians, they usually don’t think inventor. But some musicians broke the mold when they patented their inventions. Let’s explore these true renaissance people.  We should make note of these talented folks who generally own both copyright on their music (and sound recordings) AND patents on their inventions

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