High Drug Prices: Meet Bayh-Dole


Imagine this: you have just been diagnosed with cancer. The diagnosis is serious, and if untreated, will end your life. But good news – there is a lifesaving treatment available! It will just cost you $150,000 a year. Not only are you left with the emotional stress of a serious diagnosis, but now have the added financial stress of the unaffordable price tag that comes with the treatment. Is there anything that can be done to make the treatment more affordable? Continue reading “High Drug Prices: Meet Bayh-Dole”

Why, in a World of Tough Decisions, The Decision to Attend Loyola Was an Easy One

I have always been easily overwhelmed with multiple options when making an important decision.  When deciding where to go to law school, the important decision-making process regarding my education was downright terrifying – at first. After obtaining my bachelor’s in biology at the University of Cincinnati I worked in oncology clinical research for two years. This experience provided me with the certainty that I had the desire to pursue a legal career in the field of intellectual property (“IP”). I found myself drawn toward IP. It felt like the perfect mix between science and law. IP presented me with a unique opportunity to continue to explore my interest in STEM from a different perspective. After taking the LSAT, I began my school search. Contrary to my previous difficulties with decision-making, I quickly discerned that Loyola University Chicago School of Law (“Loyola”) was the best fit for me to launch my career in IP.

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