“Righting” about Copyright, Part 1

Coming into law school at Loyola, I was really interested in learning about intellectual property (IP) law and possibly even making a career out of it. During my fall 2L semester, I had the chance to take my first IP course: the Intellectual Property Survey course. I was so excited to finally be able to study IP, and was eagerly anticipating the class.

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Devil Shoes and Trademark Blues

Now, I wouldn’t call myself a sneakerhead by any definition of the phrase, but certain shoes will forever pique my interest. The classic Jordan 1 silhouette has captivated me since I saw Space Jam as a kid and became entranced with the MJ legend. For decades after that seed of appreciation was planted in my head as a child, I never thought twice about sneaker style. I was more of a chukka guy, to be honest.

Nike Air Force Ones: The picture I took at the thrift store to get my family’s opinion on whether I should by them. Attributed to Louay Meroueh

Fast forward to Summer 2019: I’m at a thrift store in Greenpoint, Brooklyn.  I’m browsing the shelves for a rare size 13 shoe that would be worth salvaging. I come across a pristine pair of Air Force Ones for $30. At that moment, my limited interests in sneakers burst open to include the entire Nike roster.

Fast forward a few more years: I’m a first-year law student reading about a devilishly controversial case involving another famous Nike sneaker.

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