The Road To Loyola

Life in the Rear View

I spent six years working in broadcast journalism and nearly two years in digital marketing before coming to law school. Titles switched, duties expanded and employers changed, but intellectual property (“IP”), especially copyright, was always at the core. I existed in a constant state of media creation and consumption. Come along for the ride, and I’ll explain how. Continue reading “The Road To Loyola”

IP Takes Center Stage

Can Law Involve the Arts?

I spent the majority of my time in theaters growing up. I was a shy kid, but something about the stage brought me out of my shell. It may sound counterintuitive that acting in front of hundreds of strangers is what helped me get over my fear of public speaking, but it worked for me. Through performing I found my confidence, my voice, and above all else, my “niche.” By the time I graduated from high school I had been in dozens of local and regional shows and had thought seriously about pursuing a career in theater. However, when I went away to college I chose to instead pursue a political science degree. I set my long-term sights on attending law school, believing that being a litigation attorney was as close as I could get to “performing” professionally. I assumed my love for the creative arts would always be a hobby, but didn’t think it was a practical career path. Thankfully, I was wrong. Continue reading “IP Takes Center Stage”