Colorful Vocabulary As A Topic In The Supreme Court

Looking for a way to illicit immediate shock and interest from consumers? Why not have one of America’s most fascinating swear words be related to your product or business? A Los Angeles-based clothing company founded by designer Erik Brunetti uses the infamous brand name “FUCT.”

Despite the company’s success, the brand has never been accepted as a federally protected trademark; in other words, he has been unsuccessful in seeking to “register” this term with the United States Patent and Trademark Office. This stifles his ability to stop others from using a similar trademark, even if it will cause confusion—unless a pending Supreme Court case changes the law.

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You Want Me to What? Realities of Being an “IP” Law Clerk

Day 1. The blue line makes yet another jerky stop, and you check your watch nervously to make sure you’re still on time.  Phew. You are relieved to see that you’re going to arrive early for your first day of work, but nevertheless, you start to shift uncomfortably in your seat. Your discomfort, prompted partially by the stiff new dress shoes that you’re wearing (but mostly by the anxiety of starting a new job where you might encounter IP issues) starts to dissipate. With a quick shake of your head, you brush off the jitters.  Relax, you tell yourself.  You’re prepared – after all, you’ve easily tackled IP issues in class. 

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