The Price Isn’t Right: Sen. Warren’s Antidote to Costly Medicine

When I tell you the cost of many medications in America is prohibitively expensive, you likely aren’t surprised. Access to medicine and drug costs has been a major topic of debate for a long time. Most recently, U.S. politicians and pharma industry leaders have stoked the fiery debate on healthcare costs in response to the National Institute of Health’s (NIH) rejection for a petition to grant march-in rights for a prostate cancer medication called, Xtandi®. To learn more about march-in rights and the recent concern over the drug, Xtandi®, read High Drug Prices: Meet Bayh-Dole.
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High Drug Prices: Meet Bayh-Dole

Imagine this: you have just been diagnosed with cancer. The diagnosis is serious, and if untreated, will end your life. But good news – there is a lifesaving treatment available! It will just cost you $150,000 a year. Not only are you left with the emotional stress of a serious diagnosis, but now have the added financial stress of the unaffordable price tag that comes with the treatment. Is there anything that can be done to make the treatment more affordable? Continue reading “High Drug Prices: Meet Bayh-Dole”