Importing Pez, Dispensing Trademark Infringement

In 2022, Netflix released a quirky true crime documentary, called The Pez Outlaw, detailing the passionate rivalry between the president of PEZ USA (“the Pezident”) and Steve Glew, a jovial Pez collector who illegally brought thousands of Pez dispensers into the US. The film follows the heartfelt story of Glew, aka the “Pez Outlaw,” whose candy smuggling adventures introduce its audience to issues of IP liability, protection, and enforcement. Before we talk about Glew’s “Pezscapades,” let’s define some IP topics that show up in the story.

Photo by Jose Antonio Gallego Vázquez via Unsplash

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The Price Isn’t Right: Sen. Warren’s Antidote to Costly Medicine

When I tell you the cost of many medications in America is prohibitively expensive, you likely aren’t surprised. Access to medicine and drug costs has been a major topic of debate for a long time. Most recently, U.S. politicians and pharma industry leaders have stoked the fiery debate on healthcare costs in response to the National Institute of Health’s (NIH) rejection for a petition to grant march-in rights for a prostate cancer medication called, Xtandi®. To learn more about march-in rights and the recent concern over the drug, Xtandi®, read High Drug Prices: Meet Bayh-Dole.
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