Such a ‘Bler: Sophomore Fall 2018 Student Organizations!

Such a ‘Bler: Sophomore Fall 2018 Student Organizations!

I am currently pursuing a major in Communication Studies at Loyola’s School of Communications and there are a lot of student organizations featured:

The Loyola Phoenix: This is Loyola’s student newspaper. Being an award-winning student newspaper is definitely something worth applauding. I myself have expressed interest in the publication for its professional coat and commitment to weekly issues. Its articles are extremely up to date, informational and stylish. I was editor and chief of my middle school’s newspaper, before it crashed due to our low population of word nerds but that’s beside the point, and this would be a stack of paper fourteen-year-old me would look at in awe.

Having also met some of the writers myself, the space behind the print is one really worth entering. They eagerly welcomed me since last year and as of the beginning of sophomore year, I honestly considered joining their Arts and Entertainment Section. But I am quite convinced that I am perhaps too abstract for their choice of writers. We’ll see where things go!

Kettle Camp Studios: KCS is Loyola’s student production team. Each semester they write and produce an original web show which is then posted on their YouTube channel. Like the Phoenix, their work is extremely professional and oh so pretty. After watching their past series, I attended a few meetings and went on set as a crew member of the Production and Post-Production team. I even got to make a small cameo as an extra in the evacuation scene of the new series: Incidental!

I eventually had to drop out because my schedule was getting out of hand and I felt like I couldn’t deliver my best efforts to the team, but I am definitely considering rejoining next semester! I miss these shutterbugs heaps.

Diminuendo Literary & Arts Magazine: While the magazine isn’t sponsored by LUC’s School of Comm, I still wanted to mention it because it is the student organization that I’ve been most involved in and been involved in for the longest. As of this year, I am Diminuendo’s AD/PR Chair!

Every semester we publish a free issue that supports and promotes student artwork and literature. The creative works are submitted by students, reviewed anonymously by students, then assembled by students into a magazine. With every release of an issue, we have an event open to the public, whereat the published artists read and present their work. For several years now, faculty have participated in our open mic afterwards presenting their favorite works, and sometimes works of their own.

Our Fall 2018 Issue was just published last Friday and copies can be picked up at Connections Cafe in the Loyola Information Commons now! I couldn’t be prouder.

It’s been great fun and I can’t wait to see what next semester will be like…stay tuned!




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