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A Series of Firsts: Loyola Weekend Spring ’19

A Series of Firsts: Loyola Weekend Spring ’19

Hey everybody! Welcome back to “A Series of Firsts,” where I tell you about my many first experiences navigating the resources that Loyola offers its students! Today it’s all about Loyola Weekend, and how it was working for UAO during the busiest time for the office, and Loyola itself.

A little about Loyola Weekend: every Spring Semester, admitted students and their families have the opportunity to visit campus and experience first hand what Loyola has to offer its students. From staying overnight with a current First Year, to touring our campuses and meeting Staff and Faculty from the different Departments at the University, Loyola Weekend is a weekend full of activities so that admitted students can picture themselves as being part of the Wolf Pack!

The Weekend itself is run by the Undergraduate Admissions Office (where I work) with the help of other Departments in order to better accommodate the needs of the incoming families without disrupting normal University activities. It really isn’t a job for the faint of heart. In order to make sure that the Weekend would run smoothly, UAO recruited all of its student workers to give a little help in as many tasks as possible; that’s where I come in. Having decided last minute that I was going to work on Saturday for Loyola Weekend, I had only a slight idea of what I was getting into since I had already worked for a similar event last semester.

Nothing had prepared me for the work that went into preparing for the arrival of the families: days passed and the student workers had to prepare folders for every student that was to come, with information specific to the group they belonged to, as various hundreds of folders were needed for the weekend. I helped with folder making one day, and got a glimpse of all the other things that had to be done before Friday came: Faculty and Staff had to be reminded to attend their respective meetings, as were the Registered Student Orgs that were to participate in the Student Life sessions. The Panels for the different Schools and Departments needed to have enough people in order to give a rather full picture of the experience at Loyola. Students coming for auditions for Fine Arts Programs had to be accommodated properly, as were the students from the School of Business and School of Communication. enough Campus Tour Guides had to be available in order to show everyone around, and Student Ambassadors had to be available to provide the families with directions and help.

There are so many other things that had to be done that I might not know of or not even remember, but every single role was important to be fulfilled, and our advisors at UAO made sure that we student workers knew that. As a tour guide for the Halas Recreational Center, I saw how important it was to show our admitted students what their new home looks like, how crucial it is for them to envision themselves as living in Loyola. As hectic as the whole experience was, with everyone running up and down in order to get everything done, I really enjoyed the experience. At the end of the day, I had enjoyed sharing with others a little of my time at Loyola and to express my opinion towards the different resources that Loyola has to offer its students. I felt that my voice was being heard whenever a student or my parent would ask me to go off-script to tell them a little more of what being a Rambler is like. And I felt great being able to welcome them to the community the way the Loyola community had welcomed me when I was a First Year.

If you came to visit campus during this past Loyola Weekend, leave a comment and let me know what your favorite part of the whole weekend was! And if you have any questions about life at Loyola, just leave them in the comments section!

Post Loyola Weekend

Post Loyola Weekend

WHAT A WEEK. So much has happened and I can assure you that our Office of Undergrad Admissions have been so busy at work to bring to you the best experience of Loyola University. It definitely took a whole team of dedicated Ramblers to pull this event off as well as our Scholars Night and Multicultural Overnight event.


For Loyola Weekend, it was a privilege to meet all of you prospective LUC students who attended. Like I said in an earlier blog post, I was one of the photographers taking pictures of you all as well as managing the Luggage Room in Damen (for those who wanted to drop off their belongings). I was fortunate to follow LU Wolf, our mascot, around campus and take pictures of LU with families and students!

(If you got a picture from me of yourself with LU, please visit our admissions Facebook page, LUCadmission, to view your photo on the Loyola Weekend 2017 album!)

In addition to taking pictures of students, there were a lot of canines who were excited to see LU Wolf! Since I know a lot of you guys smile and enjoy seeing puppy pictures, I will do you guys the favor of showing them to you here on my blog:

Cute, right? Surprisingly, ALL the dogs never barked or got angry. They immediately wanted to play with LU.  Truly, LU is quite the friendly guy!

Multicultural Night was pretty fun too! This is the second event I helped out with and I got to meet and talk to many students who will begin their first year of college this fall! We had a lot of things planned for them. They got to meet their hosts, roam around with them, meet up again with an ice cream social, do ice-breaker activities, and see student performances!

Here are the 3 groups who were present:




So as you can see, we’ve got a lot for you! We want to you see Loyola in a new light, within our tight-knit community! Consider coming to Loyola for a tour just to get a sample of what I am talking about. It doesn’t hurt to see for yourself and who knows, you might just be a future Rambler!

Loyola Weekend

Loyola Weekend

Are you ready?! Here at Loyola’s Undergraduate Office of Admissions, we’ve been preparing for this event for months! Loyola is one of our biggest admissions event throughout the year to bring to you, the future Rambler, a great experience and good impression of Loyola University Chicago.


Loyola’s campuses will be on showcase for you to see Loyola inside and out. Especially at at our Lakeshore Campus, we’ll decorate everything and show you our pride. Get ready to see a lot of maroon and gold and Loyola logos on everything. Special tours will be offered, staff and students will be present to meet and greet, and facilities will be open for viewing!

On Saturday and Sunday, LUC will have special school sessions such as:

  • Diversity & Multicultural Student Reception

  • Marcella Niehoff School of Nursing Reception

  • Quinlan School of Business Reception

  • School of Communication Reception

  • School of Education Reception

If you still don’t know what school you want to be in, these sessions will help you get a better idea of what the schools are like, what majors are in it, and the requirements to be in the school.

It may also be helpful to attend these general sessions as well:

  • Experiential Learning Presentation
  • Financial Aid Presentation
  • Freshmen Next Steps Presentation
  • Interdisciplinary Honors Program Presentation

Tours will be offered for other places around campus too (ones we normally don’t include in general tours!) Take this opportunity to come check stuff out!

  • Biology Lab Viewing
  • Campus Ministry Prayer Space Tours
  • Chemistry Lab Viewing
  • Engineering Science Lab Tours (Only open to admitted Engineering Science majors)
  • Forensic Science Lab Viewing
  • Halas Recreation Center Tours
  • Institute of Environmental Sustainability Tours

With that being said, mark your calendars for April 8 and April 9! This event is only for one weekend, so RSVP soon! For your convenience, I have included the link to the RSVP page:


Hope to see you there! I’ll be the photographer capturing pictures for our social media, so if you do see me, please do say hi! 🙂

Scholars Night – April 8, 2017

Scholars Night – April 8, 2017

Calling all future accepted Ramblers of the class of 2021! There is a chance you were invited to attend Loyola’s Scholars Night hosted at the Field Museum, but maybe you don’t know what that is, if you’re required to go, or how it has to do with your acceptance. Fret not, because I will give you a breakdown of my own experience of attending it (3 years ago).


Scholars Night is exclusive for YOU, the incoming freshman class who we classify as scholars and were invited. It is a celebration of your academic accomplishments in high school, active participation in extracurriculars, and ultimately getting accepted in Loyola University Chicago. At this event, you have the opportunity to bring your parents and show them what LUC is all about, from our friendly and outgoing staff, to the fantastic jazz band, profound speeches the professors will give, and Loyolan atmosphere- all housed inside the Field Museum of Chicago. How awesome is that?!

Three years ago, I attended this event and was very impressed by the visuals. The tour guides I met on-campus (from my tour) were all lined up in front of the stairs to greet guests. I still remember that there was a line of tents I walked through on the stairs and since it was dark inside, all of the tour guides took out their phones and shine the way for me to walk up the stairs.

When I entered, I heard live jazz music on my left and rows (and ROWS) of candlelit maroon-colored tables in front of me. It was fancy and it was the first time I was invited to a private event, especially at the Field Museum at NIGHT. It felt weird, but at the same time, I felt special (which is rare for me to say!) Also, the entire museum was open, exclusively for the guests of Scholars Night. Suddenly I felt like a child and ran off with my friend to check out different exhibits. Fun times….

When the actual event began, I got myself food from the buffet stations and sat down with my family to hear the LUC faculty give speeches. I cannot remember the speeches other than the fact that they were quite eloquent and made me proud to make it this far in my life.

Anyways, this event is not mandatory to go, but it is an experience to have to simply be proud of your accomplishments and get ready to start a new chapter of your life. This event is just one night and it is convenient for all of you who may come from afar. Loyola offers services such as complimentary parking, and shuttle rides from the Millennium Knickerbocker Hotel and Hampton Hotel (near LSC).

So, LUC Class of 2021, if you can, COME! Scholars Night is planned just for you. It is a celebration of you. Be present and let LUC acknowledge you!

Here’s humilating pictures of me, 3 years back. All for your enjoyment!


Here is the link to register for the event, (if you were invited to the event) if you haven’t done so already:


5 Reasons Why You CANNOT Miss Loyola Weekend

5 Reasons Why You CANNOT Miss Loyola Weekend


5 Reasons Why You CANNOT Miss Loyola Weekend:

  1. EVERYONE you want to meet will be there. Are you looking to talk to a Chemistry professor, the Director of the Wellness Center, a Campus Ministry Chaplain, Directors of Loyola’s Interdisciplinary or Quinlan Honors Programs, the Dean of the School of Communication? We have faculty, staff, current students, and alumni from just about every department, major, minor and program on-campus. That’s a ton of awesome people from the Loyola Community who will be around all weekend to answer all of your questions.

  2. You get an ALL-ACCESS PASS. Literally. It’s the only weekend the entire year when you can tour all 5 first-year residence halls, the Nursing Simulation Lab, the Engineering Science lab, a Chemistry lab, the Fine Arts Annex, the Newhart Family Theatre, the Institute of Environmental Sustainability, Campus Prayer Rooms, and Halas Recreation Center. This is, of course, in addition to our normal Lake Shore Campus and Water Tower Campus tours that are offered the rest of the year.

  3. Get ALL of your questions answered. Are you wondering … How do I make the deposit? Where can I study abroad? How do I register for classes & orientation? What do I do with my AP scores? What do the dining hall menus look like? Well we’re here to answer those questions. The day is filled with presentations (on topics like Next Steps, Financial Aid, Study Abroad, Off-Campus Student Life, etc.) to get you answers for any of those questions floating around in your mind. It’s a one-stop-shop to get it all taken care of so you don’t have to schedule multiple appointments or call/email different departments at the University.

  4. Figure out what that FINANCIAL AID Package really means. Don’t worry, you are not alone with this one. Understanding your financial award and responsibility is a tricky task, which is why we want to help you out with that during Loyola Weekend. Financial Aid counselors will be giving presentation and available to meet with you to answer your specific questions. Trust me, going to the presentation will be a life-changing and worthwhile decision.

  5. Meet other future RAMBLERS! Each year hundreds of students come to campus this weekend to get their first chance to really see what life as a Rambler looks like. It’s a great way to confirm Loyola is the best fit for you and make some new friends for your upcoming collegiate years. And hey, maybe you’ll even meet your future roommate, teammate, classmate, or even your future best friend!

Now that you’re dying to go to Loyola Weekend,
click here for a full schedule & registration!



Defining Different Types of College Visits: Which visit is right for you?

Defining Different Types of College Visits: Which visit is right for you?


Enjoy your Campus Visit

Looking Forward To Spring

Looking Forward To Spring

Well, it’s been a minute since I last wrote. This has been due in large part to what admission counselors call “reading season.” This is the time of year we read the numerous applications that students filled out in the Fall. Much like the “holiday season,” this time of year is stressful, fun, busy and rewarding. I can’t count how many applications I’ve read, but I’m through the busiest part.

With the Fall over and Winter on it’s way out, there are some excited things happening at Loyola this Spring.

Since reading season is just about over, our office is finalizing our plans for Loyola Weekend. Loyola Weekend is our annual Spring open house and one of the best chances for admitted to students to check out the University before May 1 (the deposit deadline). We’ll have a great deal going on the weekend of April 6th: tours of campus, tours of residence halls, a mini department fair and a student organization showcase. Use the Loyola Weekend link above to check your customized schedule.

When (or if) you attend Loyola Weekend you’ll get to see our new student union! The student union, or the Damen Student Center, will be complete April 1st and pretty beautiful. Our office is getting a preview tour of the space next week. I’m very excited to see what exactly the student union is going to house and the physical space. It’ll be a big upgrade from what I had available as a student. I plan on taking a number of photos and maybe some videos to post after we return.

Each Spring also welcomes Loyola’s annual concert/comedian pairing known as Colossus. During this Friday and Saturday in March Loyola traditionally brings a band and comedian to preform, on campus, for students. We’ve had some great acts preform over the last couple of years (Jim Gaffigan, Donald Glover, Flo-Rida and The Black Eyed Peas to name a few), but I’m pretty pumped for who’s preforming this year: Karmin/Matt Nathanson and Aziz Ansari! I’ve been the last couple of years and I think I’ll make it out again in March. Tickets for the show are sold together for $7 and separately for $5, what a steal!

If these three events weren’t enough to get you excited about Spring, the clocks are going to spring forward soon! That means another hour of glorious day light is on the way. Which means, Summer is approaching.

Check back Tuesday for my photos of the new student center!


Loyola Weekend is a success!

Loyola Weekend is a success!

This past weekend, Loyola’s Lake Shore and Water Tower Campuses welcomed admitted students and their families for our annual spring event—Loyola Weekend. In total, there were approximately 1,200 students and more than 2,200 parents and guests. Loyola faculty, staff, administrators, and students were also on hand to help with campus and residence hall tours, financial aid presentations, learning community presentations, department fairs, student organization fairs and alumni and current student panels. It was a great weekend for everyone involved.

Some of the highlights included hearing from two of our current students at different events. Julia Philips-Roth, a current junior, excited a crowd with one of St. Ignatius’s sayings, “Go forth and set the world on fire.” Many students and parents commented on how they really enjoyed her remarks and what she has achieved already. On Sunday, College of Arts and Sciences majors heard from graduating senior, Wickel Titalom. He was so amazing that I almost couldn’t go back up to the podium when he finished. I got choked up thinking of him not being here at Loyola next year. I guess we have to let him move onto to Cornell for his Master’s in Healthcare Administration. One parent was so kind that she took a moment and came up to shake Wickel’s hand saying that she wanted her child to come to Loyola and be just like him. What a nice compliment!

So here we are, almost a week after the ‘party.’ I saw Julia on Monday walking through Sullivan and Wickel was giving yet another campus tour on Tuesday. Dr. Johnson in pre-health advising pointed out how they were busy all weekend and Dr. Gitelson from political science commented on how wonderful it is to meet some great students who he knows he might have the privilege of teaching in the years to come. A Wednesday meeting with Residence Life staff members showed they were excited to have met so many students and parents as well. The Loyola community is buzzing with excitement over the Class of 2016. It was truly wonderful to meet and talk with so many students (and parents) who are considering becoming a part of the Loyola family.

I want to THANK our entire Loyola community for their support in making an event like Loyola Weekend happen. I also want to THANK our guests. THANK YOU for taking the time to visit Loyola and more importantly, for considering making Loyola your home over the next four years.

Becoming a Real Person

Becoming a Real Person

As I’m sure you know, this previous weekend was Loyola Weekend, a two day event that gives admitted students a chance to explore the university.

When I was a senior in high school, I visited LUC, to learn more about the Marcella Niehoff School of Nursing and interview for the Presidential Achievement Scholarship, which I happened to later recieved.

As I swiftly approach the halfway mark of my college career, I recently thought about how much I’ve changed since I attended that weekend oh so long ago.

NBD, just being super cool on prom night

High school, as a whole, was pretty up and down for me, but senior year was completely amazing. Yes, I was taking five AP classes, and yes, applying for college was stressful, but it felt like my friends and I were livin’ the dream. At the same time, I was definitely naive about everything – real life, living on my own, how money worked, how to interact with strangers and the idea that it could even occasionally be dangerous to be out alone at night.

Pretty much a stereotypical picture from my freshman year*

My freshman year of college was wonderful. It was filled with plenty of new learning experiences and a lot of growing up. In high school, I always felt that a 4.0 GPA was more important than new experiences with my friends; that completely flip-flopped last year at Loyola.

I'm finally a real person!

This year has been a strugglefest. At the end of freshman year, I thought I understood how college worked. I quickly learned that I was sadly mistaken. However, this year has taught me how to be a function independently as a human being; I have a job now, I’m about to sign a lease on an apartment, I no longer have a mental breakdown every time I get a grade that is lower than an A and I partake in food groups other than “pizza” and “fries.”

When I look back on all that has changed in my life from two years ago, I’m astounded. I can’t imagine what I’ll think as a graduating senior when I look back on my sophomore self!

*My Asian friend (Sandy, from Unbeknownst to Me, My Friends are Actually Cats) she said that she didn’t find this picture offensive. If you are Asian and find it to be so, I’m sorry!