Organization Highlight: Alpha Psi Lambda

Organization Highlight: Alpha Psi Lambda

Yes, yes, I know – there’s been an awful lot of posts about the holidays at Loyola. We can’t help it! You know what they say, it’s the most wonderful time of the year!

So, I wanted to talk a bit about one of my favorite organizations on campus, Alpha Psi Lambda National, Inc. They’re a co-ed Latinx-interest fraternity and as I write this, I have some sort of feeling like I’ve already made an appreciation post about them… but I went and checked and didn’t see anything, so that’s good.

I see a lot of Alpha Psi Lambda because they’re another multicultural interest group (not exclusive) like my own sorority. Their members are sweet, driven, fantastic, and beautiful (I only think they’re alright, can you tell?) and all of their events are super fun.

In fact, over the weekend, they had two events that I had so much fun at!

The first was making Christmas stockings for children of the Boys and Girls’ Club: they provided the items, from crayons to little toys to bubbles and so on, and personalized stockings (giant stockings!) for the kids, they just needed a few hands to help fill them. And fill them we did! After we finished, there was even gingerbread houses to make and hot chocolate to drink. The Boys and Girls Club is Alpha Psi Lambda’s dedicated philanthropy, and they have several events and fundraisers over the year to help them, as well as volunteering directly. I’m always impressed by what Alpha Psi Lambda does and how many of them show up to support their events, given that everyone has busy and involved schedules!

The second event was the Latinx Wonderland, a night of delicious food, karaoke, board games and laughter! It was planned, organized, and presented by their one associate member – like a member in training – and I went with two of my roommates and had an absolute blast! Most every semester they have an event like this, and it never disappoints. We played musical chairs and balloon-popping games too as a group, with Alpha Psi Lambda members from all around Chicago. Honestly, I was busy having too much fun to take pictures, so these are all from the first event.


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