Such a ‘Bler: Finals Fun

Such a ‘Bler: Finals Fun

How’s finals been for you? Here’s a sneak peak of my theatre scenic practicum final: it’s a miniature drum set. It’s not quite finished yet but I’m getting there. All the other scenic students are also wrapping up their work so it’s been quite an exciting atmosphere in the scene shop.

I’ve been stressed if I am honest. But things around campus have been very jolly so my energy are sort of still intact. The Christmas tree in the Damen Student Center is up and beautiful. Everyone gathered for the annual lighting with hot chocolate and the Damen ice rink! There’s one week left, and well two weeks until Christmas but my roommate and I also put up our Christmas tree for extra motivation.

The sun was also sweet enough to shine so prettily through my window this afternoon. Marquette South Hall really isn’t that bad guys, it even smiles at you sometimes.

I’ve been seeing a lot of events around campus lately, from build your own break parfaits at Damen Dining to holiday movie nights. I think I’m going to see the Polar Express tomorrow at the Damen Cinema as a study break. It’s honestly weeks like these when I feel extra grateful for campus activities.

Happy Finals Ramblers!





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