Such a ‘Bler: Learning Community Reconnections

Such a ‘Bler: Learning Community Reconnections

Freshman year, I was accepted into Loyola’s Leadership for Social Change Learning Community last year (here’s a picture of some of us at the Learning Community 360 Retreat last Fall semester). This year, I returned as an LC alumnus to talk to some new LC Ramblers about my LSCLC experience and my Loyola experience as a whole.

They were as enthusiastic and determined, maybe even more, as I remembered my community being. It was interesting to hear their questions regarding student organizations and opportunities available at Loyola. One even voiced that she was concerned she was behind with her involvement (though she’s in her fall freshman semester and in 3 organizations and is looking for an internship!) I was very impressed and applaud them because I only got my job this year and am still looking for an internship. But I made sure to remind them to take things easy.

During freshmen orientation, we were advised to join 2, and not 5 organizations as a start. I of course joined around 5 which I eventually learnt as of Spring semester was a bad idea. I eventually slowed down and found my rhythm. I told them my story, but then again that’s just me. I know for sure that whatever they choose, they will go onto achieving inspiring great things! I’m excited for these new LC ramblers and the differences they will make for Leadership and Social Change.




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