Eco-Friendly Loyola

Eco-Friendly Loyola


When you come to Loyola, it is quite visible to see that Loyola is a very eco-friendly and “green” university. It is remarkable how one university can do so much to conserve and save energy throughout all of its buildings. On top of that, Loyola continues to promote this good environmental cause by the means of offering courses that revolve around ecology, sustainability, and more. At the Institute of Environmental Sustainability, they have a very cool biodiesel program that converts waste vegetable oil into biodiesel fuel. This type of fuel is the main source of energy used to power our shuttlebuses that drive to and from the Lake Shore Campus and Water Tower Campus! In addition, Loyola manufactures and produces their own biosoap! With that being said, every bathroom on both campuses have biosoap in the soap dispensers for people to use.


Water! At the food court or any cafe on campus, you can notice that Loyola does not sell water. Rather, they have free water available through using the water refilling stations (scattered everywhere on campus). You are encouraged to bring your own water bottle and fill it up at the station.

After taking some classes up in Mundelien, I notice that on the flats roofs of other buildings, there are small gardens. I do not know for sure what specific plants are grown there, but it is interesting to see that even on rooftops, Loyola loves to plant lots of stuff.


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