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Loyola Wins The 2016 Climate Leadership Award

Loyola Wins The 2016 Climate Leadership Award



Loyola University Chicago is humbled to have been selected as the winners of the 2016 Climate Leadership Awards by The Association of Catholic Colleges and Universities (ACCU) and ecoAmerica’s higher education program (Solution Generation). This is due to Loyola’s ongoing commitment to sustainability and protecting the vulnerable, which predisposes them to address issues of global and generational inequality and how climate change will exacerbate social justice issues globally and locally. As a Catholic, Jesuit University, Loyola is guided by the responsibility to care for our world and for those who are suffering the most.

As a research institution, students and faculty of Loyola identify the impacts of climate change in their fields of study and believe “It is much more efficient to prevent problems than respond to catastrophes.”

“We are proud to provide our students with opportunities to work across our local and global campuses with the goal of making the world a more just, humane, and sustainable place.” Stated by President Rooney of Loyola

Loyola University has been putting effort for nearly 20 years but in 2012 was the launch of their Office of Sustainability and then the opening of our Institute of Environmental Sustainability (IES) building in 2013! Loyola’s action plan came about in 2015 which addressed climate change through 3 main strategies: the campus, curriculum, and community engagement.

The campus’ change in infrastructure allows the reduction of carbon emissions by 38% from its 2008 baseline as well as having the most green roofs of any university in the Midwest. Loyola’s IES has hosted three annual Climate Change Conferences which addressed the economics of climate. Loyola also offers 9 different degrees that incorporate sustainability and the undergrad core curriculum has been updated to promote foundational environmental literacy, Loyola Students have also helped develop a Climate Action Plan for the Edgewood neighborhood, as well as organizing a Sustainability Committee which helps nearby communities address pollution, reduce waste products and adapt to a changing climate.

The award received valued at $10,000 in which Loyola plans to use this to build out environmental justice efforts such as the Community Climate Corps. These group of interns will work with the University’s Office of Community Relations and develop carbon reduction and climate resiliency projects such as home weatherization efforts and storm-water management.

Lets give our university a shout out!!

Go Green! Ramblers Are On The Top!

Go Green! Ramblers Are On The Top!


Loyola University Chicago has been named the greenest colleges in America by the Sierra Club! How exciting that this is the second time in three years!

The rankings were released last week stating that Loyola is number 7 out of over 200 participating schools. As you may know, our dorms are equipped with low-flow shower heads, energy efficient lights, and dual flush toilets which make an incredible difference just right there! In addition to this, the cafeterias consist of tray-less dining (thus reducing food waste by 25%), napkins are made from recycled paper, the oil from the fryer gets converted into bio diesel, and the meat itself is organic, therefore all of these go green methods have lowered the buildings’ energy consumption by more than 3% a year!

Loyola is the only university in Illinois in the Top 30 in rankings and the only Chicago school to crack the Top 90. In 2014, Loyola was also ranked number 4! There is just so much to mention about our incredible school.

Though this is current, Loyola is committed to sustainability and extends beyond the buildings. It is woven into the University’s culture and is a key part of “Plan 2020: Building a More Just, Humane, and Sustainable World,”


Feel free to mention this to your friends and family, this is something we should definitely be proud of and encourage all of us to always go green!

Choosing a College Major VS Undecided

Choosing a College Major VS Undecided


While there are over 80 majors and minors to choose from at Loyola, believe it or not, one of the most popular majors in college these days is UNDECIDED! So don’t be afraid or embarrassed if that’s your current major of choice; you have plenty of time to finalize your choice during the first two years.  If you apply as a traditional Undecided student, you will be admitted to the College of Arts & Sciences which is home to most of the majors on-campus (but you can easily do an internal-transfer to the other schools should you choose a different major). Or, if you know you want to major in something related to business, you can choose the Undecided Business major so you’ll be enrolled in the Quinlan School of Business, but you’ll have time to narrow it down from there.

If you apply undecided, there are many different resources on campus designed to help you choose a major:

There is only one major at Loyola that is impossible to transfer into and that is Nursing. So if you are interested in nursing, be sure to indicate that on your incoming freshmen application, as you can transfer out but you cannot transfer in (even if it’s only your second day at Loyola and you started as a Biology major). You are able to transfer into any other major, so again, don’t be hesitant to apply undecided!

It’s more important to submit your application in a timely manner instead of waiting because you can’t choose a major. However, if you are certain which major you identify with, be sure to indicate that on your application, because all of our programs are direct-entry, so you are admitted to them and will begin in that program on you first day of classes.

All of our majors fall under these different undergraduate schools:

Good luck, future Ramblers!




Eco-Friendly Loyola

Eco-Friendly Loyola


When you come to Loyola, it is quite visible to see that Loyola is a very eco-friendly and “green” university. It is remarkable how one university can do so much to conserve and save energy throughout all of its buildings. On top of that, Loyola continues to promote this good environmental cause by the means of offering courses that revolve around ecology, sustainability, and more. At the Institute of Environmental Sustainability, they have a very cool biodiesel program that converts waste vegetable oil into biodiesel fuel. This type of fuel is the main source of energy used to power our shuttlebuses that drive to and from the Lake Shore Campus and Water Tower Campus! In addition, Loyola manufactures and produces their own biosoap! With that being said, every bathroom on both campuses have biosoap in the soap dispensers for people to use.


Water! At the food court or any cafe on campus, you can notice that Loyola does not sell water. Rather, they have free water available through using the water refilling stations (scattered everywhere on campus). You are encouraged to bring your own water bottle and fill it up at the station.

After taking some classes up in Mundelien, I notice that on the flats roofs of other buildings, there are small gardens. I do not know for sure what specific plants are grown there, but it is interesting to see that even on rooftops, Loyola loves to plant lots of stuff.


You Know You Go to Loyola When…

You Know You Go to Loyola When…

When you go to the 4th “greenest” school in the nation–the greenest in the Midwest– you learn a thing or two about leading an ecologically responsible life. During your time at Loyola you’re bound to pick up on some environmentally friendly quirks. Here are a few that apply to many students at LUC:

  1. Disposable plastic water bottles make you cringe. In light of eliminating waste, Loyola students voted to have a campus that doesn’t sell bottled water. Instead everyone carries their own reusable water bottle and takes advantage of the water refill stations around campus.
  2. You never leave the SLUG. The Study Lounge Under the Greenhouse is the perfect spot to channel your “greenest self”. This study space is steps away from Engrained Cafe and in the heart of the Institute of Environmental Sustainability. Which just so happens to be the largest building in the city run on geothermal energy. Your soul can rest easy here.
  3. You know what bio-diesel soap smells like. The first time you use “BioSoap” it might throw you off. Using soap made from the byproducts of bio-diesel is a sweet way to not be wasteful and help the environment.
  4. Going to the Loyola Farmers Market every week is a priority. From June through October you’ll be sure to take your reusable bags to the Market to stock up on locally grown, delicious produce.
  5. You are a firm believer in the power of the CTA. You might have thought you’d miss having a car, but the convenience of Chicago’s public transportation changes that. Riding the bus or taking the train around the city also means reducing your contribution to air pollution. A win-win situation for you and the environment.

Loyola as a whole has made caring for the environment a priority. Loyola students and the earth alike are grateful for a University that is so committed to being green.

Don’t Miss Out on the Good Eats at Engrained Cafe

Don’t Miss Out on the Good Eats at Engrained Cafe

My freshman year at Loyola I made the mistake of only ever ordering coffee at Engrained. Don’t get me wrong the coffee is great, but Engrained is so much more than a coffee shop. With offerings ranging from a Loaded Grilled Cheese to the best cake balls you’ll ever eat, you need to explore the menu here.

At their location inside the Institute of Environmental Sustainability it’s appropriate that Engrained shares the same goal of running an environmentally friendly business. The waste from the kitchen is nearly 100% compostable. Eventually they hope the waste from the dining area will reach the same standard of eco-friendliness. A few other world-saving features of the cafe are found in things you normally wouldn’t think twice about. The chairs you sit on are actually 111 Coke bottles, the tables are reclaimed Chicago wood, and the floors are made of cork. Kudos to Engrained for stepping outside the box to help take care of the planet.

Engrained’s menu is completely unique thanks to their commitment to sourcing nearly all of their food within a 150 mile radius of their location. Their partnerships with local farms and businesses mean fresher food for you and I. So fresh in fact that they make their soup and other menu items in house every morning—the closest thing you’ll find to a home-cooked meal on campus. The most popular order at Engrained is the “Adult Grilled Cheese” with Tomato Basil Soup. Personally, I’m partial to the BLT or Grilled PB&J. Engrained carries a sweet line of baked goods from Chicago’s West Town Bakery that are the perfect way to finish off any meal. When you’re in the mood for a hot drink the cafe sells typical tea and coffee drinks, but if you’re looking for something a little extra special I recommend the hot chocolate or apple cider–by far the best you will find on campus.

So thanks to Engrained for keeping our stomachs full of good eats that keep us–and the planet–happy.


Don’t Miss Your Chance to Explore Campus!

Don’t Miss Your Chance to Explore Campus!


Only 26 days until the first Undergraduate Admission Fall Open House of 2013 at Loyola University Chicago! This year’s Open Houses will take place on Saturday, November 9th and Saturday, November 16th starting at 9:00 a.m. Many students & parents have been asking questions about the event, so hopefully this post will provide some answers!


What is Open House?

Open House is an opportunity to explore campus, tour the residence halls, learn about academic programs, find out about admission and financial aid, and connect with current students and faculty! There will also be presentations on experiential learning, residence life, study abroad opportunities, pre-health advising, and the new Institute of Environmental SustainabilityClick here for a full schedule.


Who can attend Open House?

High school juniors & seniors, transfer students, and their families are invited to attend Open House. Click here to register online!


Do I need to bring anything to Open House?

You are not required to bring anything to Open House. Though we do recommend that you spend some time looking at the schedule before hand so you can select which sessions you would like to attend. Also, be sure to come prepared with any questions you have for admission counselors, financial aid counselors, or faculty members from your major/program of interest.


Do you have hotel recommendations for the weekend?

Yes, click here for recommended lodging options nearby.


Is parking available on campus?

Yes, we recommend that all visits park in our main parking structure on campus. Parking will be free on both Saturdays.


If I cannot attend Open House, is there another time I can visit campus?

Yes, you can attend a campus visit at our Lake Shore Campus on Monday – Saturday and our Water Tower Campus on Monday – Friday.


If you have any additional questions, give us a call at 800.262.2373 or email us at admission@luc.edu.