Seeking out your Loyola Advisor

Seeking out your Loyola Advisor

Hi hi hi! For everyone who is registering for classes for next semester, the date to register is getting oh so close. For myself of course, classes are over and I no longer have to worry about creating a schedule for next semester. Instead, that worry is being replaced by the job hunt worry! Anyways, I wanted to give some advice to all those who are trying to decide what classes to take their next semester.

GO SEE YOUR ADVISOR! I am serious. Your advisor is there to do exactly what their title says, to “advise”. They are here for you for any such academic questions you may have. Once entering Loyola, you are assigned a first-year advisor who helps you navigate the new waters of your college life. After your first year is done and you have declared a major, you get assigned an advisor who is paired with that school. Since I am an English major and Biology major, I have two advisors. One is the School of Sciences and one in the School of Arts.

My advisors have helped answer any questions that I had. What classes should I take next semester? How can I plot out the rest of my classes for the remainder of my time at Loyola? How do I navigate LOCUS to select a class? Where are my classes located? What requirements are required for my major? Who can I contact for this or that? How do I drop a class? How do I add a class? Advisors are always willing to help you out with any questions you may have. Do not be afraid to ask them. They are lifesavers. During the beginning of my fourth year of college I was having a panic attack because I needed help deciding my academic life and major. I was not completely happy with my Biology major and desperately wanted to add English as a major. Going into my fourth year, I thought this was impossible. I sat down with my Biology advisor and asked what I had to do. She told me that a fifth year would be needed to complete the degree, but that it was more than doable. She helped me map out the classes that I would need and gave me the contact information for who I should talk to in the English department. Even though it was hard to choose on becoming a fifth year student or not, my advisor helped to calm my fears and anxiety over it. Today I am completely happy with my decision and I have my advisor to thank for helping me find my way in the decision of adding an extra major.

So get in contact with your advisor. I guarantee that they will be super helpful and if they do not know they answer, they will look it up or give you the contact information of someone who will know. Advisors are awesome!

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