Easter Break

Easter Break

Just a reminder that the dorms are indeed open for Easter break. You are not obligated to go home this weekend, but it is encouraged so you get to spend time with your family. 🙂

For those that are staying, remember that certain things will and will not be open: Halas, certain dining halls, as well as other on-campus and off-campus businesses.

Damen dining hall is open on every day except Sunday, and for those of you who live downtown in Baumhart, Lu’s is open every day except Sunday as well. If you don’t have food in your room already and need to stock up for Easter Sunday, Aldi’s as well as the small-business grocery stores along Granville are open through Saturday.

Easter events will be held through the Madonna chapel and campus ministry over the weekend to celebrate.

Halas will be closed on Good Friday and Easter Sunday, but will be open Thursday, Saturday, and on Monday it will return to it’s regular hours.

Have a great Easter Break!


Edit: If you don’t feel like cooking your own meal, Summer Noodles and Rice will be open on Easter Sunday, and they do deliver! (Located directly next to the Granville stop.)

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