Helping Out With Loyola Weekend

Helping Out With Loyola Weekend

This past weekend, the Undergraduate Admissions Office here at Loyola held their biggest event of the year-Loyola Weekend! Loyola Weekend is held one weekend at the end of March each year, where prospective accepted students can spend a day or two on campus visiting various presentations and receptions that show all that Loyola has to offer! This weekend really helps in the final college decision of many students, and this year, I was so excited to help out! In this post, I’ll be discussing what it was like to help during Loyola Weekend and to meet a lot of prospective students!

I attended Loyola Weekend myself last year, and loved every minute of my experience! I attended presentations on financial aid, next steps, study abroad, choosing a major, and was able to tour all of the freshman residence halls! I also was able to meet my prospective roommate in person (we are currently roommates, and still good friends today!)

For all of these reasons, when the Undergraduate Admissions Office offered me a chance to help out with this wonderful weekend, I jumped at the chance! I was assigned to give room tours of my room in Mertz Hall. I worked from 8A.M. to about 4P.M. on both Saturday and Sunday with a few other tour guides also living in Mertz! As families and students would arrive in the lobby of our residence hall, us tour guides would take turns taking the families up to view our rooms and listen to all we had to say about how we love living here! We also showed the laundry rooms and little kitchenette. It was really great to interact with the prospective class of 2019, and the response I received back after my tours were wonderful and really rewarding! It made me feel great knowing that I may have helped influence someone’s choice to come to Loyola, or even to live in Mertz!

All in all, helping out with Loyola Weekend was definitely an amazing experience. I was able to make connections with prospective students, share my knowledge of Loyola, all while making new friends with people already living in my residence hall that I may have never seen or talked to before (the other tour guides)! I think that Loyola Weekend is a great idea, and it definitely was successful! If possible, I know I will be signing up to help again next year!

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