Sport Games in Chicago

Sport Games in Chicago

Break is almost here! Break is almost here! In honor of school being off for a four day weekend over Easter, I thought I would write about something non-Loyola related, but still something you can do in Chicago!


Are you into sports? Particularly hockey? Are you not a Blues fan? Then the Chicago Blackhawks hockey games are for you! Hockey is one of my favorite sports to watch because of its fast pace. Tempers flare in between players, goals are scored, and there is skating! Just a ton of fun stuff. Chicago is home to many sports teams such as the Chicago Fire, the Chicago Bulls, the Chicago Bears, the Chicago Cubs, the Chicago Sox, and the Chicago Blackhawks. In February I went to a Blackhawks game with a friend. It was a fantastic game against the Florida Panthers. It was an intense game that went into overtime, and then a shootout with the Hawks clinching the win. Professional sport games are always fun to go to when in Chicago because everyone is super passionate about sports here. There are even rivalries between Chicagoans over if the Chicago Cubs or Chicago White Sox are better (White Sox all the way over here on my end!). Sport games in Chicago are a great thing to do with friends. There is something just super enticing about getting a group of friends together to go cheer on a team and do something different than the normal dinner or movie outing. You can make a whole day of it too and can include dinner and drinks before/after the game. It is usually smart to eat ahead of time because food prices inside the stadiums are super pricey! Tickets for hockey are expensive so if you want to go to a Hawks game, it is a good idea to save up, but tickets for other sports such as baseball are not that expensive and are definitely affordable for the college student. Also, if you are planning on going to any games, take the el or bus. Parking is expensive and limited. Who could possibly pass up public transportation?! Since the weather is turning nicer and baseball season is upon us, you will be able to find me at the Cubs versus Sox game in the summer proudly decked out in that black and white.


And as the Hawks race for the playoffs, LETS GO HAWKS!

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