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“The Fellows Program is helping me achieve that next big thing”

SCPS Fellows Recipient 3Haeley Goldsmith is a poster child for today’s energetic, multi-tasking, hardworking, and professional millennials. She is also one of the many students enrolled in the School of Continuing and Professional Studies Fellows Program.

The SCPS Fellows Scholarship is a tuition assistance program that matches an employer’s financial funds up to $5,250 per academic year.

Haeley is a Program Manager for New Business Development Operations at Catalina – a company specializing in digital media solutions. Catalina recognizes that this scholarship has been instrumental in Haeley’s professional growth and pursuit of higher education.

What made you choose Loyola?

I would attribute it to the outstanding academic advisors and the adult learning degree completion programs that they offer.  I remember getting helpful calls and encouraging emails, even before I had been accepted.  It was like Loyola was committed to my success, even before I was committed to Loyola.  One of the biggest advantages of their program is that it allows me to pursue my studies entirely online which provides me the flexibility I need to travel. This helps balance my work, home and student life.

How has the SCPS Fellows Scholarship helped you?

To begin with, the application process was so simple and straightforward. The tuition matching has helped me so much by allowing me stay focused on my studies as opposed to worrying about financing my education. The Scholarship has reduced the stress that comes with this type of financial commitment. As long as I keep my grades up and meet the enroSCPS Fellows Recipient 2llment requirements, I know I am covered. 

How has the classroom experience translated to your working life?

One of the reasons I chose to pursue the BA in Management was because of its core focus on business.  Many of the classes have taught me skills that I was able to apply immediately at work. The Project Management class was coincidentally offered right when I was transitioning into my new role as Program Manager. The instructor invited an industry guest speaker to almost every class, and the content was really practical and relevant. The Writing class was critical in helping me to comprehend the nuances of professional writing. When you are writing emails every day you don’t realize those small things that make your communication so much more professional and effective.  Even my coworkers noticed the improvement in my writing after I took this class.

Would you recommend Loyola and the SCPS Fellows Program to others?

Absolutely! This program is an investment into your company’s success because the employees are able to apply what they learn immediately into the workplace. It’s also a wonderful way to recognize employees that the company feels have potential to advance their careers. The SCPS degree programs offer a variety of online, in-class and blended formats that allow students to achieve their education goals while still maintaining a full-time work schedule. 

What adviSCPS Fellows Recipient ce would you give to future SCPS Fellows recipients?

Firstly, I would advise any future recipients to not get overwhelmed with school and work.  Try to set aside a specific time every other day or so, before or after work for your studies.  Secondly, I would encourage them to seek the support of friends and loved ones along their journey. My husband has been an integral part of my success.  He has been understanding and supportive throughout the process by taking on extra responsibilities at home – which has made it a lot easier for me to focus on my studies.  It feels like a mutual endeavor, instead of the burden of trying to manage it all on my own. One of the wonderful things about being a Fellow is not only do I share my grades and achievements with friends and family, but also with my colleagues and manager at work.  Since the degree is being supported by Catalina, they are invested in my success.

Haeley, who graduates in Spring 2017, eagerly awaits what other opportunities Catalina might have for her once she has earned her degree.  An M.B.A. just might be the next thing on her list of accomplishment. Whatever direction life takes her, she is determined never to let lack of a degree stand in the way of her goals. Her perseverance, determination, and enthusiasm is what makes her a true asset – not just to her company, but to the Loyola family as well.


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