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SCPS hires new Program Director for its Leadership Assessment Center

In July 2018, Erika Price joined the SCPS team with the title of Program Director & Clinical Assistant Professor. Erika will oversee the development and growth of the Leadership Assessment Center. From training assessors to student advising to scheduling sessions; Erika will be hands-on in ensuring its successful launch and functioning.

She has an M.A. and Ph.D. in Applied Social Psychology from Loyola. Her work focuses on experimental and survey design-based studies on political tolerance towards marginalized groups and open-mindedness to unfamiliar ideas. Since 2011, she has also worked as a lecturer for SCPS.

Erika Price, Clinical Assistant Professor in the School of Continuing and Professional Studies. Erika comes from a background where education was not always available or feasible – both her parents grew up in remote parts of Appalachia, and did not get the chance to have a conventional university education. This instilled in her the importance of providing educational opportunities to working adults who have life demands and limitations.

“SCPS’s mission and its students have been close to my heart for a long time. Our students are committed, conscientious, and very practical in a way I deeply respect — they understand why a strong education matters and they recognize the cost of it more than many conventional undergrads do.  They want to make the most of their time and resources, and it shows in their work and engagement.” says Erika

Although new in this role, Erika has been with the school for a long time, imbibing the values, high standards and mission that our students have come to expect of us.

“As time has passed, my experience with SCPS and the depth of my role within SCPS has grown; I’ve only gotten more committed to what we do well here.”

Here’s welcoming Erika to her new role and wishing her well as she sets the stage for success!