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The State of Illinois’s student financial aid program (MAP) has not yet been funded for this current year. Thousands of Loyola Students depend on this funding to complete their education. We at Loyola, include the MAP grant awards in our financial aid packages for all qualifying students.

For many of our School of Continuing and Professional Studies students, MAP funding is essential in their endeavor to return to school and pursue their degree.
The Illinois General Assembly has passed Senate Bill (SB) 2043, which fully funds MAP grants at $397 million. We understand that it will be sent to Governor Rauner on February 16. The governor has indicated that he will veto the bill, however, so we are asking members of the Loyola community to contact Governor Rauner and ask him to sign SB 2043 and fund MAP grants.

MAP Matters

Says Fontaine Banks “I have 3 children, one at home and 2 in college. I am a paralegal, and the legal profession is a competitive one. The MAP
funding was essential in my decision to return to school. I am sure Governor Rauner will do the right thing.

Another SCPS student David Thomas says “I had to drop out of school to because of financial obligations. But my job was so competitive, that I had to return to school in order to keep it. MAP funding helped me balance the finances and helped me move ahead. I can’t imagine them taking it away

Nearly 2400 of Loyola students depend upon their MAP grants to attend Loyola each year. Among them is Geoffrey Bueschel,  who needs the MAP funding to complete his degree. “I have been offered a better job as soon as I graduate. I need this degree for added credibility to my profile and I need MAP for getting there

Here’s how you can help:

  • Join the #MAPMatters Campaign
  • Tweet the Governor @BruceRauner, and ask him to sign SB 2043.
  • Voice your opinion in support of MAP funding on the governor’s website.
  • Call the Governor’s Office at 312.814.2121 or 217.782.0244.
  • Connect with the Governor on Facebook.

Whether you use Facebook, call Governor Rauner, visit his website or Tweet, you can use this simple message:“Governor Rauner, please fund MAP and sign SB 2043.”

This is a statewide campaign, and you will be joining thousands of supporters from colleges and universities all around the state. Like Shantia Aikens, another SCPS student says “Education is very important for democracy. If you want people to progress, they need to be educated. You cannot take away such an essential funding

Let’s join hands and urge Governor Rauner to pass the MAP funding! Contact scps@luc.edu, if you have questions or want to share you MAP funding related story.