Cybersecurity Biggest Risk to Financial System, Regulators Plan to Provide More Oversight

Kaitlin Lavin Executive Editor Loyola University Chicago School of Law, JD 2017   Financial institutions can expect increased oversight and new regulations due to recent cyberattacks and data breaches in banks. Several banks have already reported data breaches this year, and many banks have been rattled by the cyberattacks on SWIFT—the  messaging network connecting the …
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Guest Post: A Post-Regulatory Recipe for Economic Leadership

by William Devine, Guest Contributor

Apple has developed and distributed a curriculum that will teach students at 30 community colleges around the country to write code and create apps. What prompts this gift? A belief that we all bear responsibility for sustaining a functional economy. At a time when some corporate leaders and their legal teams focus on the perils of overregulation, the greatest regulatory risk an enterprise confronts may not be high compliance hurdles, but rather the possibility that regulators can’t keep the economy functioning well enough for the enterprise to do its most commercially inventive and societally valued work.