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School of Communication and Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press Event

School of Communication and Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press Event

On Tuesday, my classmates from my media law class and myself attended a free media law workshop that was hosted by the Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press (RCFP) and the School of Communication. The workshop covered gaining access to court records and proceedings.

The RCFP has provided free legal advice, resources, support and advocacy to protect the First Amendment and Freedom of Information rights of journalists working in areas where U.S. law applies.

Representatives from the RCFP provided a folder full of vital information for journalists in regards to how to access public federal records and the Illinois reporter’s privilege. I will definitely keep this safe for future use.

It was really interesting and thought-provoking to hear what was shared at this workshop because not only does this help me remember what I have learned in my media law class, it shows that this will be of importance to me in my future career as a journalist.

In regards to that thought, I also think about how opportunities like these are so important for my development and perspective. The School of Communication has been very adamant in providing opportunities to have students and people in the field come together and have these conversations.

School of Communication and Chicago Headline Club Event

School of Communication and Chicago Headline Club Event

On Tuesday, I took the opportunity to attend an event that the Loyola University Chicago School of Communication and the Chicago Headline Club hosted on the effects trauma has on journalists.

The panel discussion included Jeff Kelly Lowenstein, Julie Lieblich and Dr. Frank Ochberg, all of the DART Society. The event was moderated by Randi Belisomo of WGN.

The discussion was very informative for me, as an aspiring journalist because they explained the four stages of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, and how this condition can effect the work and well being of journalists. Some of the journalists on the panel, have been in the field so they gave advice and recommendations as to how to deal with reporting stories on traumatic events.

The discussion also covered how to handle the grief of the subject and the grief of  journalists themselves, when to know to stop the story if the subject would not like to continue and to be open to sharing and talking about traumatic experiences on the field with others.

An important lesson that I took out of this event was to enter a place of gratitude and humility whenever I am covering a story on traumatic events and interviewing victims. I also learned that journalists cannot protect victims from the aftermath of a traumatic event.

I really appreciate an event like this, especially since I am learning the realities of a field that I seek to enter into. I definitely plan on looking into experiences like this and what else I will face as a journalist.

Interesting Panel Discussions

Interesting Panel Discussions

During my time at Loyola University Chicago, I have come to realize how many cool panel discussions and screenings the academic departments offer to students and community.

A panel that I recently attended for my feature and opinion writing class was through the department of International Film and Media Studies titled, “Women and Documentary Film.” The panel featured documentary film makers Ruth Leitman, Danielle Beverly, Bren Murphy and Elizabeth Coffman.

Trailers and clips of documentaries were shown for each of the women and they were given the opportunity to discuss the purpose of their works. Questions were also open for the audience to ask throughout the event.

I found this panel interesting because it put perspective into what goes into making films. The speakers talked about the passion that is needed in film making and going with whatever draws one to use the camera to tell a story.

Panels such as these also help me be more open to learn about different fields Loyola offers to study. These events also are offered throughout the academic year, ranging from all spectrums of fields of study.