Such a ‘Bler: The American Writer’s Museum

Such a ‘Bler: The American Writer’s Museum

I used to be a Creative Writing minor but decided to drop this pursuit heading into my second semester of sophomore year. Regardless, I love words and learning more and more about their magic. I’m also from Hanoi, Vietnam and was not too exposed to international literature growing up, despite having gone to an international high school. My senior English major friends recommended that I check out the American Writers Museum. 

Funnily enough, I had walked past this place several times on my way to Millennium Park, the Art Institute and anywhere downtown really. It’s literally at 180 N Michigan Ave, how have I not heard of this museum before!!! The entrance fee was very affordable, and the selection of information was divine. 

The first picture features probably my favourite room. The right wall is dressed turnable boxes that feature information about some of the greatest masterpieces in American literature history such as To Kill a Mockingbird. I was glad to recognize some because it means that I’m at least on the right track with my journey. There were also many that I recognized from the introduction to literature course that I took freshman year! Seeing these works again really made me even more grateful that I had the chance to study them up close despite not deciding to go down the English route for the rest of my four years at Loyola. The left side of the room features a timeline documenting the journeys of America’s famous writers and their contributions to the arts. 

The museum also offers many great special exhibitions. They currently have one about Bob Dylan. Yes he was a singer, but also a songwriter, author, poet, and visual artist. The display informed me so much about his song lyrics and the thought process behind them. It really deepened my appreciation for the messages that music can help express. Also, did you know the the song Make You Feel My Love that is so famously sung by Adele is originally by Bob Dylan, or am I just too young? 

However, this last photo is of my favourite feature of the museum – the desk of typewriters. WHAT A DREAM! I have always wanted one so to be able to sit down and practice on models that were similar to some of America’s greatest writers’ in history left me quite awestruck. I typed out some of my original poems and was even allowed to take them home. One of the members of the museum even told me a fun fact: Lady Gaga writes all of her songs on a typewriter. I can see why now. The rush of creativity sitting by a typewriter is really something else. 

I can’t wait to come back for the next exhibition, and the next and the next.




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