Such a ‘Bler: Wicker Park Like You’ve Never Seen Before

Such a ‘Bler: Wicker Park Like You’ve Never Seen Before

You’ve heard me rave about Wicker Park. You’ve heard me confess that I thought I’ve gotten to know Chicago quite well by now. This upcoming piece is where both topics of discussion marry. 

Sam is going to Spain for study abroad this upcoming Fall, which means she’ll be blogging her adventures very soon on the Undergrad Admissions Office blog. However, it also means that she and I have only so many brunch dates left until next Spring. As Sam and I once again explored our beloved hang out destination, we spontaneously decided to venture some more upon noticing that this building looks like New York City’s Flatiron building.  

First, let me just ask you: doesn’t this trail remind you of the Highline in New York City? 

This discovery happened from a casual conversation we had with the owner of a resale shop on our stroll after dinner. I’ll give all the credit to Sam because she proved that day to be even more socially friendly than I was with strangers (I’m very excited about this.) After telling us about how he opened his store and somehow guessing our shoe sizes correctly, he was nice enough to point out a few new spots for us to explore.  

This is 606 Trail. The nice shop owner (I wish I wasn’t this bad with names) said it is a repurposed abandoned railway. If you get off the Damen blue light keep walking in the direction of the huge Walgreens, you’re bound to hit it. 

Here’s an article with more information about this renovation: 

We were pleasantly surprised with this hidden gem. For me personally, it symbolized a lot of what I love about choosing to go to university in Chicago. Though we were still in the city, being a bit elevated from the ground gave us a different view. I spotted new art that peakaboo here and there on buildings and more coffee shops and local businesses for us to explore. It is also apparently a popular visit for a lot of people in Chicago too. We saw lots of people biking and jogging that afternoon and taking in the beautiful weather and city. 

Although Wicker Park is a tad of a stretch from where we live for a morning or afternoon run, this trail makes for a great “gosh am I too full for ice cream just yet after that brunch” stroll and conversation. 



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