Such a ‘Bler: Andersonville

Such a ‘Bler: Andersonville

Welcome to Andersonville (of course I would introduce this place eventually.)  

I am deeply obsessed with SoHo, New York and often compare Wicker Park to it. However, I knew that if I was going to spend four years of my life in Chicago, I need to find Chicago’s own beauty. And it is Andersonville.  

It’s this neighbourhood that’s a short walk off of the Berwyn Redline stop and honestly one of the best places to enjoy your day off, or even a day that you just want to work outside. I’ve had my fair share of both. There are so many cute coffee shops and restaurants sprinkled around, each with its own unique Andersonville touch. One of my personal favourites is A Taste of Heaven. My newly alumni friends, Andrea, actually took me there after learning about my deep appreciation for breakfast food. The restaurant serves breakfast food all day (I’m squealing) and has a really fun blue and white tiled floor – a twist on your conventional black and white chess checkered spread. And that’s just the thing about this area! 

It seems like any other little town, with cafés, a Starbucks and shopping destinations but if you take your time and really stroll, you’ll thrift stores, antiques places, plant shops, resale bookstores and several up and coming local businesses. My first time around, Andrea even took me to a place that sold old x-ray clips of people’s teethes.  

My friend Sam, whom I wrote about in an early blog about our growing excitement with farmer’s markets, has also recently brought to my attention that on Wednesday from 3-8pm, Andersonville also has a farmer’s market! And you know it’s already now also scheduled on my calendar. 

There are also occasional street books and knickknack resales out and about. I found this mirror at one of them. I also found this little picnic basket brief case thing at one of the antiques stores FOR $5!!!! Next to it, a young jewelry crafter set up her own little table and I got myself some new funky earrings. Being an artist myself, I love being able to support other local artists and personally learn the story behind their work. 

I am now going to leave you now with an aesthetic array of photos because Andersonville itself is just a gem to capture – trust me, take the trip and you’ll be leaving with the same. 



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