Jie’s Food Blog, La Crêperie, A French Restaurant 🇫🇷

Jie’s Food Blog, La Crêperie, A French Restaurant 🇫🇷

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Hi everyone! Welcome to my food blog! Today, I am going to introduce: La Crêperie, a French restaurant located between the CTA red line 🚇 Belmont and Fullerton stations (about 35min train ride+ walk from Loyola Lake Shore Campus). As you may realize from the restaurant name, Crepes are their signature dishes! I personally do not have much French food experience, but I will share with you my honest opinion and experience on this restaurant! 

When I was researching dinner ideas, La Crêperie’s interior decoration and ambience really caught my eyes! My best friend and I haven’t seen each other for a long time. We both have very busy schedules during the first week of school. So, we decided to have dinner at La Crêperie on a Wednesday night! Because it was a Wednesday night dinner, a farther located restaurant from our campus might help us free the school work in our mind a little bit. 

We arrived around 7:30pm that night. There were a total of four groups of people eating in the restaurant included their patio seating area. It was not a busy night, but the ambience and waiters really made us feel warm and lively. My friend and I accidently ordered the same dish: La Vēgétarienne, a type of savory crêpes. But I switched the roasted tomatoes to mushroom instead. It was my first time having a savory crepe, I would give an honest 7/10 for the taste. You can obviously taste the cheese🧀, broccoli 🥦and mushroom, but the flavor of the whole dish was not very strong for me. I think using other types of cheese would make a different and add a heavier flavor into this dish. I would like to try crêpes from other places for comparison and share more thoughts on it! Also, because we were seating in the patio area, and it was a chill night, the dish went cold quickly. 

Even though their inside dining area is sooooo lovely with all the decorations and warm lighting, I also highly recommended eating at their patio too! Many colorful flowers 💐 🌸and decorations are displayed around the patio area. And, the music playing in the background made a perfect summer night outside! 11/10 for their ambience scores!

Many people also come here for brunch. The restaurant also offers another type of crêpe, the Sweet crêpes. It’s more like a type of very thin pancake for breakfast or a dessert. Most of their Savory and Sweet crêpes cost around $10±2. Sweet crêpe with some French coffee ☕might be your top choice for a lovely brunch meal!The French Onion Soup from La Crêperie is also highly recommended by many people (it looks sooooo good!), and I am planning to try it the next time! So, stay tuned for the next soup blog! 

Landmark’s Century, a movie theater 🎥 which is located right cross street from La Crêperie. The restaurant offers “After Movie Special”, you can bring in a ticket 🎟 from the cinema dated today for a complimentary Chocolate Crepe with the purchase of any beverage! Perfect spot for a date night or just a sweet treatment!

Trader Joe’s, Target, Walmart Neighborhood Market, T.J. Maxx, and Urban Outfitters are also located around the restaurant (all less than 3min walk). If you are looking for a one stop shopping 🛍️ and dining 🍽 experience, La Crêperie should be on your top list!

That’s all about La Crêperie! Hope you enjoyed reading this blog. Please leave a comment below if you have any questions, thoughts or suggestions about our page.

What’s your favorite French restaurant 🇫🇷 in Chicago? Let us know!

Thank you & Stay tuned for the next food blog soon!

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