It’s Beginning to look a lot like Christmas

It’s Beginning to look a lot like Christmas

Okay, I’ve got your attention. Good! No, it is not Christmas, but Winter Break is on my mind whether you like it or not. The fall season is quickly approaching too! It’s getting colder and colder and leaf pigmentation is changing on the trees. It is surprising how last week, people were wearing shorts and t-shirts and this week, its sweaters and long pajama pants. It’s safe to say, everyone is comfortable here now and adjusting to the lovely bi-polar weather we have at Loyola University.


With syllabi week done and students finalizing their semester schedule, this second week is up and rolling! Classes are officially starting, so this means quizzes, exams, projects, papers, presentations, and so much more. From experience, I believe it is quite essential to form your good study habits now and be excelling-standing in the beginning of the semester, rather than struggle toward the end. This should be your prime time to find good study spots, get acquainted with your peers and form a study group, know what resources are available to you (tutoring, dry erase board rentals, room reservations), and visit your professor during office hours.

Alongside developing good study habits, you need to consider your environment. Chicago is a wonderful city, but the weather can be considered less than wonderful once fall and winter approaches. Therefore you must accommodate! Especially if you are a commuter like me, you must be a warrior and take weather into account. Always bring an umbrella and put it in your backpack because you’ll never know when you’ll need it. Bring a jacket! With this weather, it is safe to assume that it will only get colder day by day; if you are too warm, simply take the jacket off. Self explanatory.

Now this semester will be a long one, personally for me. I have a lot of credit hours and manage some other things on campus. With that being said, it is great to keep up a optimistic attitude by thinking about holidays or any times when I can get a day off of school or other responsibilities. This means, I have Halloween, Thanksgiving Break, Thanksgiving, Black Friday, Winter Break, Christmas, New Year, all in my mind. Those are things I look forward to and hence, the title of this blog.

If you are new to the city, take this time to get to know your environment, people, and school. All of these things will take time to get comfortable with, but you will be fine. I’m sure of it.

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