Go Green! Ramblers Are On The Top!

Go Green! Ramblers Are On The Top!


Loyola University Chicago has been named the greenest colleges in America by the Sierra Club! How exciting that this is the second time in three years!

The rankings were released last week stating that Loyola is number 7 out of over 200 participating schools. As you may know, our dorms are equipped with low-flow shower heads, energy efficient lights, and dual flush toilets which make an incredible difference just right there! In addition to this, the cafeterias consist of tray-less dining (thus reducing food waste by 25%), napkins are made from recycled paper, the oil from the fryer gets converted into bio diesel, and the meat itself is organic, therefore all of these go green methods have lowered the buildings’ energy consumption by more than 3% a year!

Loyola is the only university in Illinois in the Top 30 in rankings and the only Chicago school to crack the Top 90. In 2014, Loyola was also ranked number 4! There is just so much to mention about our incredible school.

Though this is current, Loyola is committed to sustainability and extends beyond the buildings. It is woven into the University’s culture and is a key part of “Plan 2020: Building a More Just, Humane, and Sustainable World,”


Feel free to mention this to your friends and family, this is something we should definitely be proud of and encourage all of us to always go green!

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