Home for the Holidays

Home for the Holidays

For the first time since October, I got to come home and see my friends and family for an entire month. I cannot possibly put into words how excited this makes me. If there is one cliche that is correct, it is that distance makes the heart grow fonder.

Although I knew deep down that I really had no reason to be nervous that my friends and family would think I was weird or changed and wouldn’t want to hang out with me, I was a little worried that they would all have changed and friends that I only talk to but once a week or so wouldn’t actually want to see me. It’d been so long since I’d seen some of them, I couldn’t help but worry if they’d lost interest in maintaining a friendship with me.

I think that’s one of the scariest things about college: the friends that you’ve made, some that you’ve known your entire life, all go in different directions and disperse. You’re no longer together, and it’s really up to the two of you to keep talking and make sure the friendship doesn’t go away. It’s not always easy. There are some people you just inevitably won’t talk to as much because college keeps you so so busy.

However, upon coming home, I learnt that it’s not just a severance of friendship; but more of a pause on everything. You will come home for the holidays, along with everyone else, and it will be the greatest thing ever. People you didn’t really hang out with or see outside of school but once or twice will come home and you will be so so so excited. Everything just picks up where it left off, and as soon as you know you’re at your favorite coffee shop with your best friend telling each other all about your college adventures.

Coming home is the best. There is nothing to fear except not having enough time to see everyone you want to. (Although shout out to Loyola for a month at home give or take a few days.) Everything just picks up where they left off, and there’s no need to be nervous.

Happy Homecoming!

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