How are high school and college finals different?

How are high school and college finals different?

Here on campus, exams are finished and students are heading home for a welcomed and needed break for the Holidays.

For high school students with final exams finished, you might be wondering if college exams are the same.

The truth is that they are actually pretty similar. But college finals tend to cover more information and require more specific knowledge, so you’ll have to spend more time studying. Here are some ideas to help you prepare for success when you arrive at the college of your choice:

  • Plan ahead. The best way to prepare for exams is to study a little bit every day. You’ll retain information better and you’ll avoid the stress that goes along with cramming.
  • Build a routine. Schedule a time for study and stick to it! Also, studying in the same place will help add some stability to your routine.
  • Manage your time. Time management skills will be an asset throughout your life. So start developing them now. Prioritize your tasks and use your time to your advantage.
  • Make a list. Does it seem like there’s too much to study? Take control. A ‘to do’ list will not only clarify what you need to work on, it will show you how you’re progressing.
  • Create some balance. Studying is important, but remember to maintain a healthy balance. Take time out to do things that you enjoy: read a book, see a movie, or hang out with your friends.

With a little preparation and by sharpening your study skills, you don’t have to be stressed out during final exams.

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