Walking Between Skyscrapers

Walking Between Skyscrapers

Chicago is certainly not a dull city. Even on a Sunday night you might just so happen to stumble across someone tight-rope walking between skyscrapers. Well maybe not every Sunday night.

On November 2nd, Nik Wallenda walked on a tight rope 600 feet above downtown Chicago from Marina City’s West Tower to the Leo Burnett Building across the Chicago River and then from the West to East Marina City Tower–blindfolded. Wallenda said that this was his most challenging walk yet. They don’t call Chicago “The Windy City” for nothing and walking on a tight rope unattached even a little breeze would certainly make things a little trickier.

My roommates and I had nothing better to do Sunday night, so we headed downtown to check things out. We weaved our way through the crowds and found a spot between State and Wabash. Craning our necks to see the wire so high above us was enough to make my stomach drop. Watching the orange speck of a man walk successfully from building to building does nothing but cause your mouth to hang wide open in fear and astonishment.

Because of a delay (and a much needed dinner stop) we missed Wallenda’s first walk across the river. We heard cheers as we made our way back to our spot–I was glad they were cheers of celebration rather than terror. After a short wait, the time it took Wallenda to go down the elevator, across the river, and back up again– we watched him practically run across the next wire. The distance was much shorter, but he was blindfolded. As if tightrope walking between skyscrapers isn’t challenging enough!

When he began his second walk I asked my roommate if she thought he was actually blindfolded, she answered, “I can’t actually see from here.” I suppose from Wallenda’s perspective it was probably hard for him to tell if anyone in the crowds was blindfolded either.


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