Weekend of Excellence Re-Cap

Weekend of Excellence Re-Cap

This past weekend was the first time I have attended the Weekend of Excellence. The many awards ceremonies and celebrations that Loyola University Chicago holds recognizes students that have been active leaders on our campus.

I was fortunate to be nominated for the Emerging Leader Award at the Diversity Awards hosted by the department of Student Diversity and Multicultural Affairs. Although I did not win, I am ever so grateful that I was recognized for the work I do to build community on campus.

Friends of mine were recipients for the Damen Awards and some were inducted into the Maroon and Gold Society. Attending this event was also an enjoyable time because I was able to share the joy my friends had when receiving their pins and plaques.

On Sunday, the last Weekend of Excellence event was the Scholarship Brunch, where I met the donors of my scholarship. This opportunity was a treat, for I was able to put a face to my blessing and I was also able to thank them and show gratitude for their gift.

As I finish this week of classes, my experience this past weekend encourages me to keep working hard so I can follow in my friends’ footsteps and continue to make a difference on our campus.

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