I Can No Longer Eat Granola Bars

I Can No Longer Eat Granola Bars

It’s the last week of class.  For me, I only have one full day of classes left, and that will be cut short due to the fact that I’m going to see the Dalai Lama (post to follow).

But why, you ask, can I no longer eat granola bars?  I will tell you.

Most mornings, I roll out of bed after hitting the snooze button a good five to seven times, frantically attempt to groom myself so that I look decent for class, grab a granola bar and make a mad dash for the shuttle.

Four years I have been attending Loyola.  I love it here!  But so help me, I cannot eat another granola bar.  They just remind me of the not fun times of college.

I eat them especially during midterms and finals.  It doesn’t matter if I change up the flavor or the brand, they all taste of sleep deprivation and sadness.

You are probably thinking, uh… why didn’t you eat anything else for breakfast?  Honestly. I don’t know.  I’m sure I’ve had an apple from time to time. Perhaps some Pop-Tarts.  But granola bars were just my go to snack.

The point here is this: School is nearly over.  It’s been real, and it’s been good, and it’s been real good. But if I never eat another granola bar ever again, I think I will be OK with that.

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