Office Hours

Office Hours

Yesterday I dropped in to see one of my favorite professors at the School of Communication, “Admiral” Ralph Braseth.  Making lasting connections with professors is important for a number of reasons.  You will eventually need references, letters of recommendation, or they will have connections that might not be able to make on your own.  Part of the reason I got my internship at the SoC was because of the great things Braseth said on my behalf!  I’m very grateful!

Now, however, I’m seeking more serious advice about post-graduation plans.  What is most impressive about talking with this professor is the commitment he makes to all his students, even those who have graduated.  Since I know I want to stay in the business of journalism, at least in the next couple of years, Braseth offered to help with some of the necessary networking.

I have a few options I need to think about at this point, but I can definitely take comfort in knowing that once I’ve graduate from Loyola, I will still have invaluable resources here.

Moral of the story:  When you are enrolled in a course and the professor is super great, go to their office hours!  Then, stay connected!

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