Kitty Cat Cuteness

Kitty Cat Cuteness

This week seems to have been pretty stressful for everyone I know, myself included. Perhaps that’s because I had a lab practical, my first Foundations of Nursing exam (Fun fact: My teacher’s advice for the exam, “First, find the two right answers. Then, pick the one that is better.”), my first nursing skills¬†competency, and a theology quiz. This all culminated today, with the latter three events taking place within a 10 hour time span.

As a reward to myself, and because I had yet to see anyone besides my trusty nursing textbooks, I decided to “take the night off” to do homework and spend the night with my friends in Georgetown Hall. However, as often happens when we all get together, we ended up spending several hours trolling the internet, with a focus on YouTube cat videos.

For the rest of you who are overwhelmed or stressed or simply want a break, I am posting our favorites here. As any cat would say, “Meow!”*

Kittens on a Slide

An Engineer’s Guide to Cats

So Your Cat Wants A Massage?

The Soup: Spaghetti Cat

Cat Crash Test

* Or as any human would say, “Enjoy!”

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