Looking Forward to Things to Come

Looking Forward to Things to Come

Things have been so busy this past week! I’m beginning to get pretty homesick, and am very much looking forward to heading home for spring break in just two short weeks. I can’t believe it’s almost here already, but I’m also really glad!

My 20th birthday was this past weekend– some friends and I went out to dinner to T.G.I. Friday’s downtown to celebrate. We had a great time!

Here’s me (on the left) with two friends enjoying our deserts!

Now that we’re several weeks into the semester at Loyola, it seems like professors are starting to pile on the classwork. I have quizzes and assignments due left and right in all of my classes. I’m doing my best to maintain my sanity!

I have friends from home coming in town this upcoming weekend– I’m very excited to welcome them when their train gets in tonight to Union Station downtown. We have plans to do some touristy things and then go our to dinner on Friday, hit up Skating in the Sky at the John Hancock Observatory on Saturday, and then go to a concert at the Riviera Theatre Saturday night. I will write again after the weekend and hopefully have lots of fun pictures to share!

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