Woman Crush Wednesday: Kassidy Houlihan

Run Your World would like to introduce our Woman Crush Wednesday, Kassidy Houlihan. She has the LSAT (Law School Admission Test) in sight and plans on crushing it next semester in hopes of making her way to New York for law school.

Kassidy lives by Wilde’s motto, “You can never be overdressed or overeducated.”  She’s a woman breaking social norms by being dressed to the nines but with the intelligence to match. She says she feels confident through shopping for new outfits and getting ready for her six classes and upcoming exams.

If she’s ever feeling down, she turns to a few episodes of the ABC drama Scandal to help clear her mind before hitting the books again. Kassidy knows that having a healthy mind and a healthy body means taking a break from her busy schedule every once in awhile and tuning out distractions.

Kassidy offered us some advice for any woman that is just starting out in her college career. She said, “Try to make the most of where you’re at right now in life. Be ambitious with education and career opportunities but don’t stress so much that you don’t have fun. Put your health and your happiness above all else and everything will soon follow.” Kassidy is our crush because her wisdom stretches far beyond her years.



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  1. Thanks for the support Marisa! Run Your World was very inspired by Kassidy and all she has accomplished. Feel free to tell us about another woman that inspires you the way Kassidy does tweet us @RunYourWorldLUC!

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