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IPS Intentional Living Community

April 26, 2018

For a number of years, IPS students have requested the opportunity to live in “Intentional Communities”.  There already exist several options for participating in intentional communities in Chicago (e.g., Amate House) but we want to make available as a pilot project the opportunity for students to self-select an “Intentional community” as a LUC residential life option.

For the upcoming year (2018-19) we have two suites (three bedrooms each) that are available for this purpose.  We anticipate three men will be in one suite and three women in the other suite.  To be clear, there is no programming specifically developed for this community but it does provide an opportunity for those who want to experience communal life with others and who wish to be intentional about this process.  Sometimes “intentional community” is defined as a community of those seeking a high degree of social cohesion.  Exactly what shape this particular intentional community forms will be up to the individuals who participate in this option.

Students will be assigned to a triple room apartment style suite at Baumhart Hall (26 E Pearson) along with two other IPS students.  Each student will receive their own bedroom with shared common living spaces.  These apartments come furnished with one bed, one desk and chair, and one dresser in each bedroom.  The common area is furnished with two kitchen stools, one sofa, and two side tables.  The annual room rate (fall semester, winter break, and spring semester) is $12,180-$14,470 USD per student.  Students are also required to submit a $500 USD deposit that will be later put toward the annual room rate.  Summer rates for 2019 have not yet been released but would be subject to an additional charge.  Meal plans are optional for an additional charge.

The deadline to apply for this opportunity expires May 15.  Students may submit a housing application through LOCUS by selecting the Residence Life link on the left hand side.  Interested students are encouraged to contact Kristin Butnik at in IPS or Clair McDonald, Assistant Director for Housing in the Office of Residence Life at


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Photos from April 5th IPS Alumni-Students Networking Event

On April 5th, IPS and Loyola Alumni Relations co-sponsored a networking event that featured the following speakers who presented on the topic “Ministry in a Dynamic World: Finding Focus, Activating Energy, & Nurturing Gifts”.

  • Deirdre Long, IPS Alumna 2015, Marketing Coordinator, Loyola Press
  • Fr. Jason Malave, Cardinal’s Liaison for Renew My Church, Archdiocese of Chicago
  • Ann Ridge, IPS Alumna 2002, IPS Adjunct Instructor, and PhD candidate at The Chicago Theological Seminary
  • Keyalo Gray, MS Ed., Career Advisor, Loyola University Chicago

Close to 40 people participated in the event, including several who viewed our livestream via the IPS Facebook page.  Many thanks to Associate Dean and Assistant Clinical Professor Peter Jones for managing the livestream, undertaken to enhance the overall IPS experience of our online/distance students.  Finally, over 20 people supported the IPS Student Scholarship Fund.

We’d like to thank Deirdre, Fr. Jason, Ann, and Keyalo for sharing their time, talent and treasure with us that evening.

For photos of the retreat, click here.


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