Monthly Archives: August 2012

Institute of Pastoral Studies Launches New Website Design

Please take the time to head over to to check out our new website design. The IT team in University Marketing and Communications has been working long and hard on the new site and we are very proud to unveil their good work.

Nugget Boycott: Week Two

Dr. Melissa Browning is at it again! This week she writes on The Huffington Post about the recent developments in the ongoing Chick-fil-a saga.

“…each time I walk past a Chick-fil-A without stopping in, I reaffirm my commitment to not contribute to an organization that marginalizes people based on their sexual orientation. In this small act, I am paying attention to my own moral formation. The decisions we make each day, especially the ordinary ones, shape the people we are becoming. In boycotting, I am less concerned about Chick-fil-A’s reaction, and more concerned about my own conscience. Changing ourselves is the first step in creating change in our world.”

Right on, Dr. Browning! Check out the article here: