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Rome 2020 – June 17-27

Did you know you can take an elective or core class towards your degree in Rome?

Study in Rome group 2019

The IPS Summer Rome program provides a unique opportunity to experience firsthand the historical, cultural, and spiritual benefits of the Eternal City and the Vatican. Led by faculty members with longstanding personal relationships with local academic and ecclesial leaders there, the program is designed for students of the IPS but is open to others. Often the richly diverse classes include non-degree seeking students and alumni interested in personal enrichment or those earning graduate degrees at other institutions as well. International study scholarships for IPS students, discounts for Alumni, and prorated payment plans make the cost feasible. Participants are responsible for paying tuition, room and board (under $2,000 for double occupancy!), and airfare.

The program is open to any adult who has an interest in any of the topics and is willing to audit the course. There is homework for those taking the classes for credit, but it won’t be done during the trip so you can enjoy your time in Rome.

Students are allowed to bring a spouse, partner, friend or family member, they can choose to audit the class or just join us for the tours.

Participants visit some of Rome’s most famous landmarks and attractions, including the Colosseum, the tombs of Peter and Paul, the catacombs, world-famous art museums, historic churches, and much more. The lectures occur in situ, and so you won’t be spending hours in an Italian classroom, but rather engaging the material in physical contact with the rich historical heritage of the city itself. Your fees include a number of “group meals” designed to be a true experience of Roman cuisine and part of the educational experience, recommended by (and reliably tested each year by dutiful faculty alongside) our friends and colleagues on the ground there.
As usual, the immersive experience will include meetings with a number of institutional and academic “dialogue partners” around Rome. This year that will likely include representatives from the Sant’Egidio Community, the Pontifical Council for Promoting Christian Unity, the Gregorian and Angelicum Universities, Jesuit Refugee Services, the Vatican Astronomical Observatory, the Tempio Maggiore synagogue in Rome and a number of established women working in and advising the Vatican.
In 2020 Mike Canaris and Deb Watson will be teaching in the program. Both of their classes (you must choose one or the other) will run as an eight-week online course, with ten immersive days in Rome from June 17-27.

Classes offered this year are:
IPS 599: Human Sexuality, Gender, and Feminist Voices across Cultures taught by Dr. Deborah Watson

IPS 532: Social Context of Ministry: Global Ecclesiology and Exclusion (a required class for Social Justice and MDiv. students) taught by Dr. Michael Canaris

IPS student Art Blumberg, who has been to Rome on 2 different occasions, was kind enough to share his thoughts with us: “Rome is a feast in so many ways. Exit a train station and see the Coliseum directly in front of you. Witness the grandeur of St. Peter’s Basilica. Explore the catacombs where early Christians prayed. Enjoy meals, both simple and magnificent. If you can go to Rome, go!”

Registration for the Rome 2020 program is now open. Space is limited. Priority is always given to current and graduated IPS students. First Deposit Deadline: December 15.
International Study Scholarship Deadline: January 15. If you have questions, contact Dr. Canaris (