Monthly Archives: November 2019

Students attended a workshop on spirituality in clinical practice

IPS students and Professor Deb Watson during the workshop

IPS students gathered on November 15th at the Chicago Center for Family Health to attend a workshop titled Integrating Spirituality in Clinical Practice with Presenter Dr. Froma Walsh. Her approach addresses developmental, systemic, cultural, and spiritual influences in suffering, healing, and resilience.

Here is what Kathie Smith (pastoral counseling student) said about it:
“Attending DR. Froma Walsh’s workshop on Integrating the Spiritual Dimension in clinical Practice: Suffering, Healing, and Resilience nurtured my learning cognitively, emotionally and spiritually. For my intended work in Pastoral Counseling, it is critical that I learn how to approach spirituality for wholeness in a client. Dr. Walsh’s content was deep and relevant. Her technique for sitting with clients to learn, ask and explore rather than assume will stay with me as I go on to practice. Because I believe in the pastoralness of practice, it doesn’t mean that a client will. I will need to be gentle, to seek and connect with where a client is in unfolding what they believe. Of note was her comment on understanding that a client could have a fear of going to a pastoral counselor because they may feel shame or guilt for not “practicing” and yet, to their surprise it can be revealed that their prayers in time of crisis are key to their connection and healing. Finally, I was introduced to new concepts of trauma and of creating resilience. To work through the key concepts of recovery from crisis, navigate disruptive life transitions, cope with multiple stresses and overcome the barriers to thrive with a client with respect and unfolding were insightful and supportive structures to build upon for my work. I would highly recommend reading, listening and attending further workshops with Dr. Walsh. There is so much more to discover and learn.”

Breakfast With The Bishops

Mariana Miller, Mike Canaris and Peter Jones

Last week, Assistant Dean for Continuing Education Mariana Miller, Interim Dean Peter Jones, and Assistant Professor Mike Canaris hosted the IPS annual “Breakfast With The Bishops” during their national meetings at the USCCB November General Assembly. As in past years, the breakfast was a chance to have an extended and intimate conversation about current and future IPS priorities, and where our mission of forming professional ministers, social justice advocates, and persons for others can best align with needs and challenges on the ground. To do this effectively, both institutes of academic formation and credentialing, and institutional representatives of ecclesial leadership need open and frank conversations. This is one small element in remaining committed to exactly this exchange. It also allows IPS community members to meet with former colleagues and graduates serving in various capacities around the country. Emily Kane, the current assistant director for social justice at Loyola University Maryland joined our faculty and staff this year to share her experiences and values with the participating bishops. She told us the experience was valuable and enjoyable.

“I appreciated having the space within the USCCB conference to engage with bishops about the intersection of their work and the work of IPS. Particularly as a woman within the Catholic Church, it felt significant to be able to share my experience directly with those who are a part of making formative decisions about the direction of the Church. It was also fascinating to see the perceived needs of the Church from both a clergy and lay perspective, and to brainstorm collaboratively about how IPS can play a role in formation both locally in Chicago, as well as globally.”